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    Hello. Maine. indoor and outdoor. lets talk.

    14 for good quality outdoor. 16 to 22 for indoor, quality dependent. My area anyway.
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    $50k 20-light 25 x 25 Room build ideas

    Sorry on late reply. Dont go online alot. We started with 2 20 by 20 flower rooms. We initally went with 12 gavita de hps 1000.s in one room. The other room we went with 12 kind xl 1000 blah blah blah,lol. Led we went with a 3.5 ton a/c and gavita hps a 5ton a/c unit. Rooms also have quest...
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    $50k 20-light 25 x 25 Room build ideas

    Better quality equipment helped us get a great customer base immediately. I was a gardener, not a pot growers. Love these plants now. They can be beautiful. Not a big toker but love to grow them. Other outside crops do not get the attention they once did , lol. Think it has to do with price per lb.
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    $50k 20-light 25 x 25 Room build ideas

    Our first setup cost more than I imagined. 30 grand in led lighting. A/c and electrical upgrades, paint and materials all added up. Glad we did it correct. Cant hardly get that stuff dried and it's gone.
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    What’s your favorite nutrient line?

    If you are close to a griffins greenhouse supply, jacks is priced killer. They are a big chain mostly east coast.
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    What’s your favorite nutrient line?

    We do a light dose feed of recharge evry 2 weeks. Photo plus and mammouth are rotated every other week. Bloom we use a quality pk boost and moab. By a quality pk boost, could be anything. canna house and gardens stuff or any samples we are given. When i buy it is canna 13/14 and moab. We do a...
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    What’s your favorite nutrient line?

    When I first started indoor growing I was all stressed out trying to figure the best line. We have tried many side by side tests. All of them are fairly similar. Plants couldnt tell the difference. We use jacks 321 mainly. We have canna and house nftg and others on the shelf. They all grow well...
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    Quest warranty excellent.

    Last week one of our quest dual 225's crapped out. It is over a year old. Scott in service was of great help. After we diagnosed a b ad compressor he said it was close enough to 1 year old that they would ship out a new one free of charge. Was worried being over a year old that we would only...
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    Thank you all.

    After gardening and growing other stuff for a few years i decided to try this crop. Last summer I did an outdoor grow and built a 2000 sq foot indoor facility. Its been a steep learning curve and haven't had a day off since then. Without the sharing on this forum i would have been in deeper than...