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  • Hi, the kessil is doing great, but the plant isn't ... I have really screwed the plant due to a useless pH meter, I locked out cal/mag and phospherous and stunted its growth ... slowly comming back to life :-)

    I've got a couple of clones that have been under the Kessil (12/12) for 4 or 5 days and they are starting to stretch and look better than a similar clone under CFL's (20/4), and way better than the original plant.

    The clones are going to be producing feminized seeds for me and I start turning one "hermie" in 2 days time after I make some Colloidal Silver (tomorrow).

    In about 10 days time I will be putting 4 LST'd clones under a scrog screen under the Kessil (12/12) for my second attempt at flowering with the Kessil - but I won't be poisoning these plants and they WILL show how the Kessil works.

    I should be updating my thread in 2 days to document the beginning of the Colloidal Silver process.
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