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Zinc Deficiency

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Smallsetup, Oct 16, 2008.


    Smallsetup Well-Known Member

    So I'm pretty sure I have a Zinc deficiency, either that or Iron. Anyway, I know what to do about the Iron, but the zinc is another story. Anyone know what i can add to my mix to take care of this as I don't wanna change my Nutes to something else? I was looking around and I can find anything specific. I appreciate any help you can give thanks.. :wall:

    bobbyboy34 Well-Known Member

    must be using hydro, just flush your system and use foxfarm nutes

    foxfarm has all micro nutes they need. including zinc

    KAOSOWNER Well-Known Member

    i use fox farms and tend to run into magnesium def, zinc def, and boron def. To keep this from happening i use zinc plated screws and washers mixed in my soil. this works well but for hydro i would just drop a few washers in the rez. Or you could just soak some in a few gallons of water and use as needed. you can watch the zinc lift from the washers. for the boron i use eye wash and for the magnesium, i use epsom salts.

    bobbyboy34 Well-Known Member

    ..yeeeeah, you're not going to run into any def using foxfarm hydro nutes, those nutes are the same amount of nutes provided in earth juice microblast....its the needed amount, but then again it depends on what species of mary jane you are growing...so far i don't need to add any other supp other than what is in foxfarm nutes

    burnsie440 Active Member

    I have a product named Sprat N Grow which my mum bought from QVC or similar a couple of years ago. She uses it on her Geraniums and it has produced leaves the size of your hand!!! A sight never seen before in the north of England.

    You add like a teaspoon of the liquid to a litre of water and spray it on the leaves. it contains 0.10% Iron and 0.05% Zinc.

    I haven't tried it on cannabis yet but it might do the trick.

    They have a website with online store at www.spray-n-grow.com NOTE: they also have a range of hydroponic nutes.

    bobbyboy34 Well-Known Member

    i correct myself, foxfarm lacks calcium and sulfer, use dyna-grow...so far i found it to be the only nute with all regquired nutrients in it

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