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Youtube and safe browsing with Flash

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by DST, Jul 15, 2012.


    DST Well-Known Member

    So RIU is on the blinker again. I noticed when going to a thread there was as strange web address waiting for data to be transfered from. Normally you probably wouldn't see this but due to RIU being in reverse, data transfer seems tardy at best. So I checked the address out and found someone else who had written an article and a how to step of getting round this problem. Problem!?:o

    Basically it has nothing to do with RIU but has to do with Youtube, or Flash/Adobe players. They are trying to access our phones and cameras by all accounts. Keith explains it all here. Thanks Keith, whoever you are. I love how he used Rick Astley, I thought it fitting with the T&T section as well:hug:.


    He explains how to turn it off as well as the Global setting for Flash as well.

    Anyway, just saying:shock: Para Pete oot.

    Safe, DST
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    Bucket head

    Bucket head Well-Known Member

    great post! :p

    Lady.J Well-Known Member

    :leaf:Hey DST...I hope you don't mind or feel like I'm raining on your parade, but I thought I would respost this comment on the site you linked because there are super paranoid people out there who could use some mind easing from the other side of the coin before they flip out!:leaf:

    28 May, 2009 - 13:34 — Jonny (not verified) Umm.... No?

    Ok, first - The Flash Camera Access prompt is well worded, conceise, and makes no attempt to access your camera in the background. Its called a Prompt because, it does just that, it Prompts you, asking you if you mind if we can have access your camera. NOTE - Accessing Camera, and HAVING access to the camera are 2 completely different things.
    Secondly - What on earth do you think Youtube would have to gain by 'SPYING' on people staring into a webcam. Webcam's are rarely, pointed at keyboards, therefore its not likely they could capture someones passwords, credit card details (unless you make a habit of holding your credit card infront of your webcam, in which case, RETARD YOU. Lol)
    To be bluntly honest, if they really wanted to spy on you, they could capture you're password on registration, forward it to their e-mail, and then go check your e-mail inbox for paypal details etc. It would be a lot easier than 'Accessing the Webcam'.
    The only thing they would probably see, when Spying, is some ugly 14 year old kid staring at the camera, picking his nose.
    There are alot of people in the world, and quite a few of them have greater technical and legal knowledge than myself and everyone else on this blog, although, I seem to be king of the hill when it comes to common sense at the moment.
    If YOUTUBE were doing what you claimed, they would be closed down, and have lawsuits filed against them by internet providers, users and probably face some conspiracy to commit fraud charges.
    As for what the Flash Prompt means,
    Basically, when you log into Youtube, and visit the page for uploads, and choose to upload from your web cam, Youtube messages your browser, specifically the flash/shockwave plugin, and asks it to ask you if it can access your camera.
    You always have the choice of saying YES or NO.
    There is absolutly nothing seedy, or untrustworthy about this, Since it never hides its intentions.
    Note - Selecting YES, grants permission for it to Access your camera, but it in no way means that it IS going to access your camera.
    I could grant access via that prompt, to a website to access my camera, and voila..... hey... my Webcam light has not turned on/powered up. (macbook - it powers up on its own)
    When your camera IS in use, they usually, have some sort of visual indicator to indicate it is powered up.
    Youtube only accesses your camera, with permission, and when you are uploading video directly to the site.
    Also another note - s.ytimg.com
    This is the domain name that background images on peoples profiles are stored on. If you are seeing this domain coming up in cookies, or coming up as referrers or whatever, its due to the fact that either someones youtube profile is using a background image or video, from your myspace or whatever site.
    You can check it yourself, right click on someones youtube profile, someone who has a background image, and view source.
    All in all - Youtube spying on you?
    ------ No...
    Show me proof that video is being uploaded, and stored on a remote server, then I will believe you, heck if you prove it very convincingly, I might even start the law suit off.
    OMG - In that case, FARMERS should Farm, and not have social Lives. Lol
    I guess that means that every Social Networking site, that offers video chat, voice chat, or even Online Games, should only play, not do silly features like voice chat, cause thats what team speak is for.
    Yeah - You lead the rebellion, and we will all stop using Adobe Products. Everyone uninstall their Flash Players please. O.O Oh Oh.... No Flash Player = No Youtube.
    Some Bots = Good
    Some Bots = Bad
    Good Bots = GoogleBot and other such spider/web crawlers. They go into a website, capture every single link, and href, and e-mail address etc, and add it to the search engines keywords list. Meaning, once the bot has been on a page, a day or so later, it should appear on google.
    Bad Bots = Junk Mailers etc. These web crawl web pages, capturing e-mail addresses, and save them to a database, and then e-mail those e-mail addresses things like links to viagra, diet pills, viruses, etc. There is no way to stop these type of Bots, except for making your site/page private, in which case, only people who you grant access to, can access the page.
    Clearly Google and Ask.com dont like you, because Im able to opt out of installing these addons, and disable them when ever I want if they are installed, via tools menu > manage addons (IE7)

    DST Well-Known Member

    No worries, Lady J just erring on the side of caution. As you can see. it's not just people on RIU who bash others for highlighting things, they gave this guy what for, lol.

    My system was hanging because of it and when that happens I want to know what is doing it.

    Lady.J Well-Known Member

    Oh I feel you on that definitely...especially with hackers making you think you're on the right site and you're actually on another! I remember Myspace used to pop open like that....you type in myspace.com but myspce.com opens instead. Always check the address bar now. I've seen that flash player prompt pop up...but only when I've been doing something that involved my cam or mic. I really don't think youtube is using it to spy on us....I think they have other sneaky dirty ways...like cooperating with the police when you upload something incriminating hehe.

    Did you see these prompts pop up on RIU? I got the Adblocker plugin so I don't know if that prevent me from having to see it....it's awesome. No more Obama commercials on youtube, and no more absolutely irrelevant, irritating ads from RIU. By the way...I don't know if this is coincidence or not, but after RIU switched over to advertising, separate tabs started opening for ads every time I clicked a link on RIU...even though I have pop-up blocker enabled. Also, my anti-virus mysteriously was disabled (Microsoft Security Essentials) and I was unable to enable it again. Had to uninstall, clean my computer, then re-install. Still got the separate tab ads from RIU, but then installed adblocker and the problem is solved. Btw, I don't use this computer for downloads, only RIU, youtube, and facebook. Before I used RIU, I never had problems with ads, viruses, and the like...seems you really have to be aware for more reasons than one when using this site. That's just my experience though.

    DST Well-Known Member

    Sounds familiar. I need to get that adblocker sorted out as well. I am getting bored of being offered green cards.....the women asking me to undress them are not bad though, lol.

    Bobotrank Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this D. I just did it on my computer. . .

    fresh2 Member

    beware of getting prompted to install the new flash players. There's a virus going around embedded in the flash install. Effects both mac and pc users. its a ghost which pics up what you type in your keyboard.

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