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Your Opinions: Best Haze strain...Best Kush Strain.

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by adamcarr1, Oct 12, 2013.


    adamcarr1 Member

    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking for haze and kush beans. Would like to hear what the experienced growers in here
    have to say about a haze strain I should run...and a kush strain based on your grow and smoke

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

    smokegreenshlt Active Member

    Royal haze, and og kush(not a true kush)

    NevilleS.2013 Active Member

    If you have never grew out a haze, I'd start off with early skunk haze or NHS. Then work my way to hazes such as critical haze or even mango haze. But as for the strongest goes I'd say NL5 haze and mango haze would be the two I'd go for. Some ppl who say SSH and others would say Afghan Haze. There's others who would even say nevil's haze. If u have time and room to grow out a 16 week plant like U2 or even the Stones..... Hazes aren't for everyone becuz of the time and care one takes and some are very picky about the conditions in which they are grown in.....but if u want the strongest keeper it would be mango haze.

    adamcarr1 Member

    Thanks man,appreciate your input. Was thinking about running the Tahoe OG Kush.

    adamcarr1 Member

    Nope, not done a haze yet...but I'm looking to run one ASAP. The mango haze sounds awesome from reading up on it. Have you grown this yourself? High level of difficulty to grow it?

    Thanks for your advice. Appreciate it.

    SmokeScholar Member

    royal haze is the one i would go for :)

    Joedank Well-Known Member

    iron cindy is what i want as it has metal haze in it - but i just ran a bunch of neville haze and they rock .... crossed them to critical haze, durban , cindy99, and la con.
    the durban cross is the best so far .
    i hear good things about kosher kush beans

    LegalizeNature420 Well-Known Member

    Get C99 from Female Seeds. It's cheap ($11 feminized) and the bud reeks of rotten mango. It's heavily influenced by Haze yet the height and especially flowering time make it very manageable.
    Knott Collective

    Knott Collective Well-Known Member

    We like the Super Lemon Haze and Skywalker Kush (So Cal clone cut). Both are super powerful, with a very loud nose and are heavy yielders. Flip 'em early though because they both stretch 3-4X! Or veg 'em up to 18" or so and get massive plants if you've got the headroom. The Skywalker benefits from topping a few times in veg to produce more vertical stalks.

    LatteBroker Active Member

    I grew out the c99 from Female Seeds, and it was an excellent strain, with a great yield and a fast finish. Very fruity, and sticky as hell. I'd definitely grow this one again.

    NevilleS.2013 Active Member

    Yes I've grown out mango haze and still have four cutting of them growing today. I just can't get myself to kil three of them. And as for c99 in my opinion is a watered down haze. A good 50 percent haze is good but when u start looking for yield u lost wat you were looking for....

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