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Your first toke off some good shit

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by DudeLebowski, Mar 5, 2008.


    DudeLebowski New Member

    I remember back in the day, we(me and my friends)used to smoke regs and beasters. For a time this was alright, limiting how much we could smoke with the headache we got after puffing too much of it. kept our young minds still functioning.

    then i met some older kids.
    they all had names for their pot
    haze this
    cough that
    diesel and blueberry oh my...

    my first toke off of some real chronic shit started in my older friend toad's room

    he had several homemade glass bongs, made out of liqour we had drank a slide set and a dremel. He packed up the first hit of chronic i had ever smoked. ever.

    Blueberry x NL5 haze.

    the spicey undertones of the most pugnent ripe blueberry i have ever tasted artificial or otherwise brough me the happiest headiest couchlockiest high i had ever experienced at the time.

    we watched some fraggle rock and i went to sleep with the pitbul on the floor

    later that day i would buy an ounce of the BBxNL5 and it would last me the entirity of the following month:roll:iwishicouldsavelikethisagain

    -whats your guys first "chronic" experience?


    SiKeSt Well-Known Member

    My first time smoking some good shit was when my dad grew some shit called tahoe blue this was about a year ago, but it was C99xThaixBlueberry. He sat my uncle and I down right after he grew and said here you gotta try this. Let's just say the first hit gave me like a rush, i coughed so hard i literally almost shit myself, and after the third hit off my bubbler I was so fucked I felt paralyzed. After that day I would get small bud's from him and when I would smoke it would take one hit then I said I'm good. Now I grow and smoke more of the shit he gets cause he been doing it forever gets some of the best shit also being that he makes his own breeds. Oh let me also add, I don't know if yall have ever felt this but when I would smoke up until recently every hit I took it was like it was so potent I felt like I was literally going to die no joke it scared me the first few times.

    greeeeeeno Active Member

    Haha, can totally agree with you, it was fucked up for me as well. I got a 3 second delay on everything and had little control over my movements. Mad stuff :).

    PoseidonsNet Well-Known Member

    Do not ignore the placebo effect it is in everything, especially ganja.

    I definately believe that once the courts have been cleaned of atheists, that there should be quality control. There is some rotten stuff out there.

    The first time I had rooibaard from the gamtoos river in South Africa, I had more visual halluicinations then I ever had on LSD. Amazing stuff. But I have never had anything like it since (22 years ago)

    MyNameIsHead Well-Known Member

    the first time i smoked it was blueberry kush and me and my friends bought a quarter ounce of it...
    out of 3 of us it was gone in less than 5 hours
    i literally didnt know where i was
    the only thing i really knew was that i was completely blasted and i felt better than ever
    i have never had a high that good ever again lol
    Chronic Connoisseur

    Chronic Connoisseur Well-Known Member

    The first time i smoked chronic was back in 6th grade with my brother and his friend.

    blues.. Yum.
    J - Dog

    J - Dog Well-Known Member

    I was an exchange student in Venezuela... 18 years old
    I befriended some dudes from Miami.
    It blew my mind!
    Thats a serious fukking No-No down there. I could have been imprisoned for years..

    If your getting high before Middle-school, then you might want to re-evaluate your shit.. seriously.

    You should be a fukking kid until at least 18.

    Don't smoke in elementary school or Middle School. Sorry, its Fukking stupid if your 12-13 and getting high.. really.

    Just wait and grow up.. Then be a fuck-head to your parents

    Sosure Well-Known Member

    ummmm.... i cant rememberrr

    shadymyster555 Well-Known Member

    First time I smoked headies was..... hm.. It is hard to remember as well, which sucks. Been too long and too many buds smoken to remember

    MyNameIsHead Well-Known Member

    yeah dont smoke so damn early id wait to smoke till like 16-17 then get into dank at around 18 after a little experience lol

    how the hell can you not remember your first time....its like it happened yesterday for me

    tickitickitembo Well-Known Member

    i remember back in highschool when i started smoking. it was always brick weed.. but any time someone came across some chronic they would always call it KB.. the first time i smoked the good shit i was driving around on gravel roads trippen

    purplehaze2 Well-Known Member

    first time I smoked chronic was in costa rica,waves were 6-8 ft and thumping.scary shit but glassy.I got so fucking stoned I bailed on my friends and went and hung out on the beach and just fucking tripped.

    BongReaper Well-Known Member

    First time i smoked i had just turned 13 my brother was slanging mids and he hooked me and my friend up, we smoked some tinnies (tin foil bowl) and we laughed so hard we drooled on ourselves. I remember the days when half a joint of rags would get me lit...

    What i wouldnt give to get high like that again, especially off mids, i havent touched mids or schwag for almost 3 years now (this is my confession) ahahaha

    tickitickitembo Well-Known Member

    i'd do anything for some mids right now..

    anywhere311 Well-Known Member

    lol? wat u want mids for lol

    tickitickitembo Well-Known Member

    because its better than smoking rezin.. lol im that desperate

    purplehaze2 Well-Known Member

    I remember those tin foil bowls,they were inside ciggerett packs, and man the regs use to work. 20years ago

    ganji2 Well-Known Member

    I remember when i could snatch my grandmas roaches, and be totally blasted. they were good mids. I would come in , and be too high. I was only 14 at the time. But off a roach man. Shit.

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