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Yield vs hight indicas?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by NoobgrowerLbc, Sep 28, 2010.


    NoobgrowerLbc Well-Known Member

    I heard its 1 oz per feet of hieght, but what if its an outdoor plant thats like 3.5 feet tall and 4 main colas thats 3 feet tall. Would that mean 12 oz? Based on the hieght vs yield theory? Just a ball park in guessing using hieght of short stocky indicas.

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    1 ounce per 1 ft of height is bullshit it could be alot more could be alot less depending on alot of things
    Dinosaur Bone

    Dinosaur Bone Active Member

    The molasses crowd would have you further believe that you get an extra OZ of bud per jar of molasses used. :???: So I guess a 3ft plant fed 2 jars of molasses = 5 oz.

    Genetics & Light will have a bigger effect than anything else. For example... I kinda doubt a 4ft plant flowered with a 40watt CFL is going to yield 4 oz....

    NoobgrowerLbc Well-Known Member

    Yea dudes, too many variables to dictate yields lol the cfl can grow a stretchy ass 4 feet plant with a few nodes lol

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    Do you have a link to the people saying you get an ounce per jar of molasses or is that more ignorant RIU propaganda?

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