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Yellowing new growth

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by herbal santa, Dec 31, 2007.

    herbal santa

    herbal santa Active Member

    I have a severe yellowing problem. It affects the new growth and seems to spread from the inside of each leaf out.
    60 Gal Ebb & Flo
    1St tried Canna Nutes
    2nd changed to Growmore (I never heard of it but my buddy has used it successfully)
    have had some PH fluctuations 5.3 - 6.7 currently 6.0

    I am helping a buddy with some plants that we had to move to a new residence. 2 Days after setting up an ebb and flow table, transplanting 15 16" plants that were growing in red Dixie cups to 8" pots with clay pellets and their original rock wool 1 1/2" cubes, the plants started showing yellowing on new growth only old growth remained green. The fourth day the yellowing continued and some of the smaller growth started turning yellow from the stem out. The 5th - 11th days I was out of the country and my buddy maintain water level and the yellowing continued. The twelfth day I return home, freak out a bit and flush the system and refertilize, the p.h. was @ 5.5, I left it till next day. The yellowing seem to slow, I rechecked p.h. was down to 5.2 raised it to 6.0. since then I have tried increasing epsom salts, changing nutes (another brand) raised the p.h. up to 6.5 and tried to foliar feed a week nute solution with a drop of super thrive added. took out most of the oringinal plants, changed the nutes again tested p.h. 6.3 TDS 1140 PPM and added 5 new plants. Noticed the plants I pulled had dark roots still in the Dixie cup shape. The new plants started yellowing, my budding pulls one of the new plants and separates the root ball. That plant wilts, comes back and doesn't seem to be yellowing so we do the same to the rest of the plants. the first plant we separated the roots on starts yellowing. I buy a heater thing my reservoir's too cold. The yellowing continues always on the new growth but the plants continue to grow (slower than they should be) and are producing yellow budlets

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    matt2907 Well-Known Member

    Are your plants in flower?

    If they are the leaves are supposed to turn a lil yellow.

    If they are not you could be giving your plants too much nitrogen or phosphorus in your nutrients.

    gsxrboy22 Active Member

    when u find the the cure i need to know as well cause i have the same problem but i've sprayed the leafs with ebsom salt in the water it seems to be workin but wont be sure untill next week....

    email468 Well-Known Member

    i have some comments/questions...

    I think your plants are suffering from their recent transplant and the wild pH swings are a concern. I would, for the moment, stop adjusting the pH.

    I'm assuming you are using tap water, so you may want to use a "hard water" nutrient. But the more important thing is to get your pH under control. You want to keep your pH (for hydro) somewhere between 5.2 and 6.5 so you shoot for 5.7 or 5.8. The reason being, every nutrient has a different pH level requirement in order to be absorbed. If you want to learn more about this and much more - check out Earl's awesome and helpful link:
    CC Hydro 101 by Earl - Cannabis Culture Forums

    Anyway, I would fill up a spare reservoir with my tap water and let it sit out for about a day. I would add my nutes and mix the water real well and then check the pH and PPM. I would use a properly calibrated meter to test this.

    I would then adjust the pH and/or PPM until it was at the desirable amount. I would then let the spare reservoir sit covered but undisturbed for a few hours. I would then give it a good mix and stir, recheck the pH and PPM. If the meter readings are the same (or very close) - great. But if the levels have changed something is wrong with your water, nutes, or meter (or some combination of the three).

    If the spare reservoirs vitals are where i want them, i would drain my real reservoir - checking the roots for any problems. I would then top it off with my new reservoir.

    And i would be making sure i'd be using the proper nute for the phase i was in. I'm assuming vegetative so you want to make sure you have a Nitrogen heavy nute for growth.

    Please note that i am saying all this without even seeing a pic of your plant so i may be way off base.
    herbal santa

    herbal santa Active Member

    I guess it really doesn't matter anymore. I just cut the power to the room and am about to start the strip, bleach, and replace everything I can.

    RIP girls:cry:

    boris2go Active Member

    I am investigating exactly the same problem. Why did you decide to strip the room? Do you think it's a virus. That would suck!
    herbal santa

    herbal santa Active Member

    Everything yellowed to the point I figured it was a waste of Electricity to continue. If I am going to empty the room I am going to clean it too (just in case)

    I think that the plants were root bound and when I transplanted them they went into shock and could not recover. (latest theory at least)

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