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Yellowing leaves and slowing growth OG Kush 5 Wks Flowering

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by griffinmill, Oct 1, 2007.


    griffinmill Active Member

    Any help is greatly appreciated. This is an OG Kush midway through week 5 of flower. Indoor. She's organic. Nuted w/ Bio Flores and SensiZym. Full recommended dose of each. 400w HPS. Lots of fresh, vented air. Nice and dark at night. Ph looks OK. Temps/humidity looks OK.

    But in the last week or two she's been getting mighty yellow. I added some epsom salt and this looked like it improved a bit. But not fully. I tried flushing. And now the new growth is more yellow than ever.

    The mid-level leaves are mixed yellow and dark green. Lower stuff is nice and dark. New growth pretty pale. Mind you these pics were taken after I pulled the worst offending leaves. Pic 3 is the one bud with some damaged leaf tips. Otherwise the rest are good.

    What do you think?

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    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    100% normal for a plant in its final weeks of flowering...

    there are some good articles on "why" plants stop producing chlorophyll in the final days of their life...

    most stoners just say... "hey man.. the plant is using its energy to make buds and it does not need to support the leaves anymore!"

    i kinda like that explanation :)

    congrats on some quality buds..

    and NOW you KNOWM

    ladidadidadi Active Member


    Nice work!~

    wafflehouselover Well-Known Member

    Knowm, can you explain why or can you point me to a article that discuss it? I would like to know. Thankyou.

    oddboy Active Member

    I would even say trim back leaves that are blocking the buds from the light- now is the time to nurture the buds- They're yellow and dead mostly anyway-

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