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Yellow seedling, 1st grow (pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by kylefromga, Mar 26, 2009.


    kylefromga Active Member

    One of my seedlings is a few days older than the other four, and is turning yellow.

    I've got 5 Low Life Hindu Kush seedlings in a ~1.5'x1.5'x1.5' grow box (with fan), with 2 26W 6500K CFLs. The temp is 75-78F in light, ~69F in dark. Light is on/off 20/4. Soil is composed of mushroom compost and perilite. No nutes.

    The first one was started before I had the box, and any way of measuring the temp, so I had a hanging light with foil around the light and seedling, with some holes. Might have gotten too hot for a night.

    It has grown since it was put in the grow box, but keeps getting yellower every day. I thought it might gotten over watered, but when I went to mix more perilite in the soil, I noticed the roots looked good.

    Whats goin on??

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    kylefromga Active Member

    should i feed it small amounts of nitrogen..?

    NewGrow60sToker Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing happen to me.
    Mine was dead yellow for a few days (4-5) but snapped out of it and is now my best looking/largest plant.
    At that young I wouldn't add anything, including N.
    When you say you thought it may have gotten overwatered, are you watering it?
    You shouldn't have to water a seedling like that till it's been in the ground 10-11-12 days. It should feel like it'll float away when you pick it up and feel dry 2" beneath the soil line.
    If you've been watering it, I'd stop. And I def wouldn't add anything to it........Nute-wise.
    How old is it/are they? 7-8 days old?

    Here's a nice MJ med guide.
    The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    kylefromga Active Member

    The yellow is about 8 days old. The others are 5 days old? I watered it today, but before that was 3 days ago. It drains well, but I think all the organic material in the compost is holding in moisture perhaps too long. I won't feed it. When it's time to transplant it, I'll put some sand in it, does that sound right? I'll check out that guide, and put new pix up in a few days. Thanks.

    atmt888 Well-Known Member

    DO NOT NUTE FOR AT LEAST 2 MORE WEEKS! This shit happens. You'll always end up with a few retard seeds. Trust me I've seen seedlings that most people would have thought dead end up producing just as much as those that sprinted off the start. Check out the pics in my journal. About half of the 21 seeds that germinated were yellow like yours and a couple were very contorted. Now they're all green and I would be willing to bet that even that tiny one in the back corner will be just as big as the others in a couple weeks.

    My Grow Journal: http://www.rollitup.org/grow-journals/169213-lollipop-white-widow-blueberry-sadhu.html

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Hard to tell from the pictures bro?but it looks like the seedling leaves are the only leaves yellow if these are the only yellow leaves don't worry they die anyway.if you can get your hands on any bat shyt add that if not add a little seaweed exstract this has a higher nitrogean content than most other feeds bat gwarno is the best but its sometimes a little hard to get.i would advice any grower to get a tumbler it's a barrel that turns on a pivvet so you can make your own compost this way you can add horse manure this plants love who ever lives with you hate but put in a tumbler or a homemade compost maker and you wont have the smell.if you are going to make one make sure that you can turn it upside down every so often once a week add grass cuttings and peeling of vegatables.this is a great way of keeping the plants happy.Take a look in the local garden centre and ask for a high nitrogean content feed.
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    kylefromga Active Member

    yeah I've been composting for a while now. The stuff the plant is in is made of home made compost, mixed with store bought mushroom compost, and perilite. I've got some chicken manure composting right, now. I'm gonna mix it with home made compost, and give the guys some chicken-shit tea when the time comes. I also found someone on craigslist that has 5 year old horse manure. But as far as feeding, I'll take the advice from atmt888 and wait a couple weeks. I read the med-guide that NewGrow60sToker suggested, and it looks like I have overwatered. Thanks for the tips, fellas.

    kylefromga Active Member

    Just an update on how its doin. It is a bit more brown now:wall:. But at least the others look good.
    The soil isn't 100% dry, but is is more than 50% dry

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    kylefromga Active Member

    well... I think I better start digging the grave in the compost pile. The other guys started turning yellow in their seed leave too.

    I dont think there was enough perilite, cuz when I take the plants and soil out of the pot, the soil is like a hard cube. Too much compost, I guess. Doesn't make sense, cuz I've grown so many different vegetables in just compost.

    Anyways I went ahead and soaked the cubes in water, til they dissolved, mixed in ~35% perilite with dry compost, and re-potted them. I lost the first five seeds to too much heat in germination, which turned the insides to stew, so now I've got 4 of 10 left. Close to $40 down the tubes.

    God... if you're there... please give me a female. Please. I need to make more seeds. Please. Let them live, God. Let them live...:roll::neutral:

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    kylefromga Active Member

    I was just looking at the picture of my sad sad plant, and noticed what looks like new growth right below the top most set of leaves. Could this be true???

    If it is, then should I clip off the brown looking leaves?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    atmt888 Well-Known Member

    Don't cut off anything! You need every spec of chlorophyll right now and they will fall off in due time anyways. Yes, that is definitely new growth and that plant will most likely recover fine. I've seen way worse looking seedlings recover. In the future though you may not want to use home made compost. The bagged stuff is gonna be a lot more consistent.

    sanklovich Active Member

    The yellowing/slight purpling in the most recent picture seems realy similar to some problems i had in my last grow that were due to having no drainage in my cups, causing the water to build up around the roots. The affected leaves never improved, but all the plants survived, so stick in there theres still hope

    kylefromga Active Member

    So not much has changed, as far as growth, in the last 2 weeks. It has grown a couple more leaves, but they are not full size and have already started turning brown. I only water when the soil is bone dry (when the pot is as light as air), every 2-4 days. I cut holes in the sides of the pot for more drainage, but none of this seems to be working. All my plants have shown these same conditions. 2 have died completely. All remaining plants have shriveled looking stems, even after watering. I have checked the PH, and it is 7.0. The temp is 74/68 - day/night. Light 20/0. I can put pictures up tomorrow if anyone wants to see them.

    Shanus Active Member

    I wanted to see em :( bumpity

    dpagano7486 Active Member

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