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Yellow leaf edges

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by GrowingInCO, Feb 21, 2013.


    GrowingInCO Member

    The grow is at 42 days. The strain is Fruity Thai. I have these yellow edges on the leaves and some curling. I also have a Lemon Skunk that's in the same soil mix and it's not having the same problem. I'm using a 1/3 peat - 1/3 perlite - 1/3 vermiculite mix with 2Tbsp dolomite per gallon. I'm using Jack's Classic at the recommended strength (1/2 tsp per gallon). I'm seeing the runnoff PH at 7.2 to 7.5. I suspect the PH to be the problem. However, if so, it would seem to be because of too much dolomite. I added a bit of peat to the top 1" inch of the pot with little effect. I'm PH'ing the water to 6.0. At this point I'm thinking of transplanting to try to fix the soil PH. Either Sunshine #4 or the same mix as above but with half the dolomite. Have I diagnosed the problem correctly? Am I on the right track with a solution or are there other ideas? Any help here is much appreciated. Since this is my first grow, I'm trying to figure out a good process and don't have the experience to guide me.

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    Confucious Active Member

    Are you using any nutes in the water you use to water them.

    GrowingInCO Member

    Yes. Using Jack's Classic at the recommended strength ( 1/2 tsp per gallon)

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    looks like a lil nitrogen just follow up with reg water , most plants in soil will adjust there own ph in the soil UNLESS there in a nutrient already in the soil... they still look ok if it were me i would just water with regular water for a few days and you wil see the leaves straighten up.. KEEP ON GROWIN.

    GrowingInCO Member

    Thanks! I'll give it a try!
    Guitar Man

    Guitar Man Well-Known Member

    Looks like part of the problem is over-watering. Also, for 42 days your plant is small. I'm not familar with that Strain, so I may be wrong on the size issue.

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