Yeah! It's Bud Worm Season. Pics

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    AaronHernadez New Member

    I got some Seven spray for my plant that already has a few worms on it. Will it help?
    skoobie dew

    skoobie dew Well-Known Member

    You want to smoke seven? Get some spinosad or bt.
    smokin away

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    I just read about a virus in another blog. It's called TMV. All though I have never experienced any of the symptoms I don't think it would be worth finding it out later. I also read on eHow that the Government is pulling all tobacco insecticides off the shelf. I guess some old fashioned remedies are just that.

    ( . Y . )

    ( . Y . ) New Member

    it is said that cannabis cant replicate TMV but that has yet to be proven
    smokin away

    smokin away Active Member

    I found another product similar to the Safer material. I bought something else from this company recently and it seems to work OK so far. It's the same BT product but instead of a dust it's in liquid form. Guess I'll look for it.

    wvblazin Well-Known Member

    When do the budworms first start to show? When your plant starts to bud? Are they a problem in the Northeast? I live on the border of PA/WV..

    veggiegardener Well-Known Member

    I've been using Bt for over 20 years. Originally on tomato plants, but one I discovered bud worms, I've used it on my pot plants as well, with excellent results. Bt not only protects Tomatoes and bud, but also peppers and everything in the cabbage/mustard family. There's a reason why those white and yellow quarter sized butterflies are called 'cabbage worms'. Try not to overuse Bt. Some caterpillars are the offspring of our prettiest butterflies.Especially those you might find on carrots and parsley.

    Lobochristy Member

    I use this lol photo (1).jpg

    Norcalbay Member

    I'm using catapillers killer on mine and they are half dead and some are just dead after sprayin last nite . What is BT?
    Fungus Gnat

    Fungus Gnat Well-Known Member

    A bacteria that burns holes into caterpillar intestines.

    BigNBushy Well-Known Member

    Can you get high from eating a worm you pull out of your buds?
    skoobie dew

    skoobie dew Well-Known Member

    It's the active ingredient in caterpillar killer.

    TripleMindedGee5150 Well-Known Member

    I fired up some eggs

    FileError404 Active Member

    Can I spray BT and Spinosad at the same time or will that interfere with the bacteria?

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    Krspies Active Member

    fuck! I pulled a few worms off my plant today. I pulled 2 off yesterday. One of these little assholes ate a hole right through the center of a top cola. bastard! Hubby's plant has plenty of them. He's thinking of pulling the plant so it doesn't get eaten up. ggrrrrrr give me back mites, I can handle those!

    veggiegardener Well-Known Member

    C'mon people! Do some READING. I've posted about Bt HUNDREDS of times on this thread! It works! It contains Bacillus thurengiensis which is 100% effective if applied THOROUGHLY. Most years I only see one or two worms. Some years, NONE. Unfortunately it is pretty much too late for this year. Your plants will reward hard work and punish neglect.

    Krspies Active Member

    my problem is I can't find it. I went to lowe's, orchard's and our local hydro shop and was told they were sold out. obviously everyone has worms lol so I bought Garden Safe Multi-purpose killer. It's all I could find. it does not have BT in it though :confused: Will this work?

    It looks like it could be about a week or so before anyone in town is going to have BT. Even the Garden Safe with BT was sold out.
    BigB 420

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    BWG707 Well-Known Member

    Got mine from Amazon within 5 days. Before recieving it I used Monterey With spinosad 3x 3 to 5 days apart and so far it's worked. Each day found less and less worms now 3 days after the last spraying, no worms or even eggs. Might be able to save the BT for next year. Spinosad helps eliminate many pesky insects, completely destroyed my minor thrip problem and have never seen any spider mites.

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