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Yard Sale hydroponics. Goal or a miss?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Sustain, Feb 7, 2013.


    Sustain New Member

    Found this at a yard sale today for $50.
    Photo342.jpg Photo344.jpg

    2 liter bottle for a reference of size, it is not very big.

    I found this at a yard sale... wondering if I found an excellent way to grow some on the side and experience hydroponics. Will it work? It seems a little small... and the bulbs are pretty small too.... but they say "grow bulb" on 'em lol. And after having it on for a few seconds they got very hot.

    Are there any how to's for a setup like this? How much can I expect to produce with such a setup? Could I use this and my own lights and get more yield? Or did I buy something I need to sale on ebay for $100?

    It also came with an aeroponics set up ( I don't have any idea how aeroponics works ), would that be any better?

    How complicated would this be to use?

    LogicTime Active Member

    Dude I've seen those, they are normally more for smaller house plants (mint ect ect.) It's a fire and go type of setup from what I gather, I wouldn't expect getting a large yield unless you grew 3 spread out and trained them. Even so, I don't have high hopes, though run it as an experiment with bag seed, give er a tester!

    kingmat8787 Active Member

    put 1 auto in her and train the piss out of the bitch and you could get a decent personal stash from that....even hack off the light and just use the aero base, and HID lighting and you could do 1 full size in there....and the manual should be online at the aerogarden website...peace

    bigboybuds Active Member

    My buddy started growing with one of those... Aerogarden I think it was called. Its ok if you are just trying to do it for a hobby. but don't expect to yield a bunch. That light only goes up so far, so you would not be able to veg very long. Training is a must. He would only ever fill 2 maybe 3 of the holes. He used the aero ponics set up.. It has a built in bubbler in the res. Just fill it with water, plug it in and away you go. He had the middle size one, but he was only pumping out about 150-200W, with an all spec. bulb.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger


    mtgeezer Well-Known Member

    I am just finishing up a grow using the AeroGarden Classic. For germination, nothing is sweeter. Pop in a sponge and cup in the hole, drop in a seed (pre-soak not necessary) and transplant when it is ready. Do not rely on your bulb you're holding, they are unavailable but an adapter is available so you can use screw-base. If you find it necessary to use just the AeroGarden then restrict yourself to no more than 2 autos. I use a 4' 6-tube T-5 and that's fine, use high quality ferts and keep an eye on the pumping you should get a 1 to 2 oz, possibly more.

    dadio161 Well-Known Member

    This is too small to grow a plant to full size but this is an excellent way to get clones started.


    nameno Well-Known Member

    It might would make a good seed starter a fellow offered me one & I turned it down. I been thinking about it ever since.It would be a good thing to see what happens,automatic,but more than that 12x12 fs would be great. I can see it sitting on a desk now.Yep,I'm fried before 0600 again.Peace

    sk8nbmxr411 Member

    This is what I use to clone with. I stick my cuttings in rock wool, then plug them in the holes. 100% rate in a week or so. plus once they root, you can veg them for a few weeks before transplant. I top mine while in ag, then transplant to net pot for dwc. pics if interested.

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