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Xps foam ?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by STACKB, Feb 9, 2012.


    STACKB Active Member

    From what im hearing, you can use the xps foam boards from Home Depot on your flood and drain hydroponic tables . How are the clones held onto the foam? In a netpot I assume, with hydroton? or rockwool perhaps.. How are ppl using this? Pics is a plus!

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Im interested! But I cant picture it

    STACKB Active Member

    Someone needs to chime in

    tibberous Well-Known Member


    Just like that.

    tibberous Well-Known Member

    The 2" netpots are like $.10 a piece and reusable, the Rapid Rooters are $.32 cents, the XPS board is $20 a sheet but reusable.

    All you do is cut the XPS board so it fits tight around the ebb and flow table, then drill holes that the net pots fit in (only use 1" thick XPS board, if you use 2" the net pot will be above the water)

    It's sweet because you don't have to buy Rockwool, or PH adjust anything, or worry about throwing out rockwool. You can also see the roots directly, and I would guess it gives more oxygen to the roots than other methods. It also keeps your roots / res cool, because XPS board blocks all the heat from the light. Best thing about this method though is that the XPS board stays dry and blocks light to the table, so you get almost no algae, and it's easy as hell to clean and doesn't create a habit for pests.

    Another advantage: A sheet of XPS is a couple hundred pounds lighter than a tray full of hydroton. Makes it damn nice when you need to reconfigure shit.

    Couple other little things:
    - You want to flood 2-4 times a day
    - It seems to work better if the plants have decently long roots when you first put them in.

    STACKB Active Member

    word , much appreciated.

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