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Would this work in an AACT?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Adrosmokin, Feb 21, 2013.


    Adrosmokin Well-Known Member


    Sincerely420 New Member

    Don't think so bro:

    -Unsulphured Molasses
    -Kelp Meal
    -Your Soil Mix
    -Bat Guano(Hi-Phosphorus)
    -Neptunes Harvest Liquid Fish
    ^These are all the things that I use BUT you can also use
    -Alfalfa Meal
    -Neem Meal
    -Rock Phosphate
    .....shit...tooo many things to name!

    But you wanna brew balanced teas so you that don't push your soil one way or the other(Too alkaline or too acidic).
    Having a good source of compost in your soil helps the process the because it'll buffer the PH of anything you put in your soil on it way in.
    Have you got the book Teaming With Microbes? Certain things help multiply bacteria in the tea and certain thing help multiply fungi.
    Or have you seen Microbeorganics.com?

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