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Winter Strains?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by CrazyTC420, Dec 21, 2006.


    CrazyTC420 Active Member

    Hey, I was just curious...are there any outdoor winter strains of marijuana? Like, strains that can still grow and veg and bud and what not in the winter, like now? lol I live in Western North Carolina if that helps any.

    I'm planning an outdoor grow op, along with my small, current, indoor one, and I'm really itching to get started outdoors, I've got spots planned out for the plants and everything. If there are none, then I'll just wait til Spring/Summer.

    Mark24688m Well-Known Member

    well no because budding only occurs during after the summer equinox when light is 12/12.

    CrazyTC420 Active Member

    what about autoflowers?

    JB_420 Active Member

    I watched a grow vid- i dont remember where- but in jamaica they vegged-grew-and budded during winter months outdoors

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