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wilma system

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by big smoke bs, Oct 10, 2008.

    big smoke bs

    big smoke bs Active Member

    Hi I have got the Wilma 4 pot system and was looking advice and tips on how to use it. Such as the length of time I should run it for and how many times a day. And other hits or tips would be helpful. thanx :eyesmoke:

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    can you post a link so a person can look at the unit you have. thanks

    tomflom Active Member

    hi just got the same system what media are you using please.

    squints68 Well-Known Member

    do you have any pic's???????????

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] [+] Add this product to your shopping cart [​IMG] Atami Wilma 10 Pot Hydroponics Systems

    The Atami Wilma growing system has been a run-away success since its launch in Holland. Now available in the UK, this extremely versatile system can be used in many different combinations with any growing medium.

    The main Wilma kits available offer pot based dripper systems with sizes ranging from 8 pots to 20 pots. They are, especially suitable for growing in clay pebbles, rockwool growcubes or organic growing media such as soil or coco fibre. As a part of the incredible Atami growing range these systems offer hydroponic feeding possibilities to all growers including those who traditionally grow only in pots. Each system is supplied with both flood drippers and arrow drippers to allow the grower complete freedom in their choice of growing medium.

    squints68 Well-Known Member

    wow that looks like a pretty nice system

    LSTea Member

    Maaan thats funny ive a 4 pot system, it even comes with really easy instructions lol not sounding silly but if you cant work out how it works just grow in soil lol dude all it is, is a water resivour with a pump and drippers lol.... 1] add water (& nuits) 2] turn on pump (buy a timer) 3] put drippers in seleted pots 4] drule at beautiful plants

    - if you have rockwool cubes that will help
    - rooting mat in the bottom of your pot will also help
    - once ya lil ones in there rockwool are about 2-4 inchs and now in and settled in you system and rootings going well just put your pump on for about 10mins every hour or 20 mins every 2hours (doesnt mean 30mins every 3hours!!!)... and you should be good and on your way to sucsess :)

    scooby33 Well-Known Member

    15 min an hour 24/7 been useing one of these for some time now
    Mr.Therapy Man

    Mr.Therapy Man Well-Known Member

    Thats the same system that Heath Robinson uses and he rocks Ive seen the 12 plant set up yield 36 onces off Heaths set up
    Mr.Therapy Man

    Mr.Therapy Man Well-Known Member

    Ive triedto find this in the US ,where did you guys get these at?

    sparky_malone Active Member

    What about ph level budddyyyy???....

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