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Will this light work??

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by coletemple, Jul 20, 2013.


    coletemple Member


    coletemple Member

    anyone? id like to order this light tonight so i can start growing me some Northern Lights and White Widow
    Keif Cheif

    Keif Cheif Member

    Ya it should work. They will be close together though because this light does not throw down much of a footprint. I would not want to put my plants in anything bigger than a 3-5 gallon. You are probably better off using 2-3 gallon pots and veg for shorter.

    You also might want to think about getting some bloom T5 bulbs for when you want to flower them. You might not get a lot of quantity, but you can get some super quality with a T5. Good luck man, hope this helps! -Cheif
  4. yeah that could work, probably not well for 4 plants, but if you decide to get it don't forget to tell them to add the bulbs, says that at the bottom. Personally I would just use cfl's if you're thinking of using the T5's. You can fit more watts in a smaller space for a cheaper price. The T5's and the reflector would be a lot easier to mess with but it's only 175w for $100. For 4 plants I would want way more than 175 watts. More like 600-700w at least. You can get 3 26watt cfl's at walmart for $10. So if you bought 10 of them ($100) you would have 30 bulbs and 780 watts. Like I said, the reflector and T5's would be an easy set up but the cfl's will produce more light which equals more bud. I like the 55w bulbs for $12 and the 3 pack of 26w for $10. Then Y sockets to get 2 bulbs per one socket input. I get great results with cfls :bigjoint:
    buddy bud

    buddy bud Well-Known Member

    This would be good to veg with but flowering you need to load up if you going to use for both do 12 / 12 from seed or small :idea::clap:


    lilroach Well-Known Member

    T5's are great for vegging (6000K).....you can always swap out the bulbs for flower. You'll end up getting more lights in the future, but this is a good start.

    coletemple Member

    Cool thanks guys. I'm going to get that light and i already have a 250w hps that i have been using for flower

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