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Will one Gen3 UFO LED Grow Light flower 4 plants?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bbighead, Sep 9, 2010.


    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    Well I get alot of "You cant flower.......(bullshit heard it from another guy)......with a T5. Check the pics I flower with a T5.

    Matchbox Well-Known Member

    Looking good mate!

    you got the 6500k T5's? (or whatever the redder ones are)

    only thing I would say is I think T5's need to be quite close to the canopy to be at their best (unless you just raised it for the pic)!

    and their length means so long as you have the space you can have more plants (as length is what T5's are efficient in) good for SCRoG's.
    but hey you can't knock if it works for you XD

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    Yeah the biggest problem I see here is people talk about shit they dont know about. That is why everyone hates LEDs here. Those lights are designed by scientists and are IMO the future of growing. I grow rock hard fire buds and I yeild 8 oz.+ from a 2x3 screen using T5 only and still guys that have never tried it will talk shit. Ignorance is bliss.

    Matchbox Well-Known Member

    Yeah they just jump on the bandwagon of Fuck LED's :/

    they just find someone who's done a perfect grow with HPS and MH's and go well this guy got like 1lb off of 2 plants and don't accept the conditions, and ignore other good grows from LED's an stuff, I'm just waiting till they start putting them 5watt led's in place of the .75 - 1w LED's so 1 (now 90w UFO) would = 450w which = pwned.

    mlore Well-Known Member

    those strains sound tasty man! what where the freebies?
    i am actually near harvest, 1 more week to go. il be harvesting this sunday.

    i just harvested a mini stunted plant yesterday, was small because i ripped the roots out in veg when i transplanted im suprised it stayed alive and produced what i got. probably be about 5-7 grams dry lol. my other two wil be more like an ounce each hopefully.

    and nah man, i havent got a journal. i probably will on my next grow as im going for a key a plant :D and i thnik ill need all the help i can get. you got a few more months till harvest then? hope they come out nice for you man.

    its true about the dealers though man, you get alot of 1.7, 2grams for £20, such a rip.i remeber when i used to get 1.7 for a benners! you still can though, just gotta find the right people. people i dont know lol.

    and i will check out you sig man. il deffinatley find something helpfull as its all a learning process. every little bit of info helps!

    hope your grow goes well dude. keep in touch, peace:joint:

    Matchbox Well-Known Member

    Freebies were a Dinafem AutoFlower Haze (regular) and a Dinafem Roadrunner (fem)

    yeah I read up your thread on a key a plant, I'm aiming for 8oz of of my Critical Mass and 2oz off my skunk if its a she, which I think is very do-able for my 1st grow seein as most get .5-2g per watt so heres to hoping!

    I got 8.5 more weeks till harvest so yeah about 2 months or so!

    If you want some Critical Mass clones drop me a pm or summin I got a couple goin spare and plenty more where they came from!
    CM is supposed to be a really heavy yielder so 1 step towards 1kg per plant XD

    mlore Well-Known Member

    i would like to go big and get a key a plant, but when i do give it a go it will only be my second grow. so i think im going to find it hard. im gonna aim for 400-500grams per plant, lstd in scrog. i think that is a good target. although i keep saying to myself il be lucky if i get that haha. im gonna put in as much time and effeort as i can though!

    i would deffinatly like some critical mass. the thing is though i havent yet invested in my lights. this grow i got going at the moment is outside. i have most of my money for the lights and setup, i just havent got round to it yet. also im waiting on a little bit more money so i can get started with no worries.

    if you still have some when i get my light sorted which should be in about a month, il pm you and we'll see if you have any left. if not i think il get some of those seeds. where did you get them from?

    and i think your estimate is very doable, hopefully you will get some nice big juicy buds. good luck with your grow

    Matchbox Well-Known Member

    It's good to aim high but you might be a bit disappointed, you'll need your conditions perfect and the right techniques aced to do it right.

    I got them from Seedmadness.com they're UK based too.


    though I got 2 single seeds for about £7 each, I don't think they do them as pick and mix anymore... but you can always look around attitude as well.

    I'm sure I'll have some clones somewhere you can always cut babies of of them at any stage so s'all good unless they all die by then which they shouldn't.

    bbighead Active Member

    Hey guys thank you all for all the great info. This is the set up i just purchased off HTGsupply.com http://www.htgsupply.com/viewproduct.asp?productID=56379
    Everyone doesnt think just one UFO will do it for flowering 4 plants. But with the T5 will i be good or not? If not then i should order another UFO LED right?

    Matchbox Well-Known Member

    tbh UFO's are too expensive to get 2 and I'm not sure 2 would particularly be enough wattage... if you were getting two you could have got a 210w + panel for the same price which imo would do better than 2 ufos and you'd still probably have to supplement that... I would reccomend the 1 ufo the 6500k T5's and you might wanna suplement that even with some red CFL's to get the best results.

    or buy a HPS if you can control the heat XD

    BUT if you have the money get them custom made (not sure if htg do that) and have 1 blue with a dash of red and one completely red with the UVB supplement and the 660nm red spectrum :) that way you got 1 for veg and 1 for flower that you'd supplement with CFL's and T%'s and end up with some good bud...

    Hopefully thats useful.. im really tired lol at 10:00pm bad times

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