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Will my yellow leaves turn a healthy green again?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by SkinUp88, Oct 28, 2009.


    SkinUp88 Member

    I had a slight problem with nutrients in the veg stages, it's now sorted but I was just wondering if the colour of my leaves will go dark green and look healthy again, or will they stay yellowish?

    slk Well-Known Member

    new leaves will be OK but the old leaves will stay the same

    littlewing Active Member

    is it all the plant or just the lower leaves
    i experienced over nuting and it burnt my lower leaves and they neva recovered but they sat there all grow but the new growth was fine,
    it will get over it but obviously it will bear the scars

    anonymuss Well-Known Member

    sorry to necro bump here people but this is a useful ass thread.

    i didnt know that once leaves turned yellow they stay that way, i always try to add nitro and when the lower leaves stay yellow i was confused as hell but this makes perfect sense, just check the new growth for results.

    Keith Stone

    Keith Stone Member

    so if'n the leaves stay yellow then they're not really contributing and should be nipped off ?

    jaag102882 Active Member

    from everything that i have read and seen as long as it is the lower leaves and you have corrected the nute problem you should be fine... you never want to cut these leaves bc they pretty much act as a filter for the plant... from the way i understand it when your plant receives to much nutes or is sick the lower fan leaves take in the extra or the bad and die off keeping the whole plant from dying... i would leave the yellow leaves alone until they die out... but def dont count on them turning green again...
    Nepaljam x Oaxaca

    Nepaljam x Oaxaca Active Member

    never remove fan leaves they act as solar panals and absorb co2

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