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Will my plants grow behind tint or a window screen?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by doggiepaddel11, Jul 21, 2008.


    doggiepaddel11 Active Member

    I was wondering if my girls will grow well behind a window screen or tint? If anyone knows or has done so please inform me.

    PsiloTeonanactl Active Member

    well windows screens and tint do specifically one thing, and that is to block or absorb incoming light.

    So while yes it may grow, the plants will not be receiving 100% of the light's potential

    Proph Well-Known Member

    no they wont grow, window light is never enough light. not even close. it will stretch like crazy

    doggiepaddel11 Active Member

    ok, i guess i'd be better off not doing it then. thanks

    .:SeLeCtA:. Active Member

    Seedlings can grow with sunlight threw the window, but once they get 8-9+ inches they will need more light.

    But as for the tint...I think that might make it a little harder.
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