Will my leggy seedlings survive??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by m23mark, Mar 21, 2010.


    m23mark Active Member

    I have recently planted some seeds and they have gone very very leggy, more than i have seen before. The seedlings are about 5 or 6 inch tall and have 2 sets of true leaves and are looking healthy apart from being lanky.
    I would normally pot them on now intop 15 litre containers but im not sure if they will survive or will they just sort themselves out later on??
    I am thinking of planting them an inch or 2 deeper than i would normally.
    Any advice would ease my worried mind guys.... :-(

    jats Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you need to get the light (what light are you using?) closer and get a fan on them... still I can only imagine them,,without seeing any pics.......good luck with them

    bwatte Active Member

    if your seedlings are not in a dome, would it help to cover up babies by putting a plastic cup over them to keep moisture and humidity high?

    WvMade Well-Known Member

    we need pics and more info and if your going to transplant then just drop them in and add more dirt up around them

    MendelMaster Member

    Agreed. After a few weeks the buried stem will begin to develop roots.

    m23mark Active Member

    I started them on a window ledge then once they showed there first true leaves after about a week i put them under a 400 watt HPS, about 2 feet above. the room has a 8 inch extracter but i did not put a fan on them because i thought it mite dry them out with them being so young... so i can only assume it is the heat that has caused them to stretch?? Think i will use a florecent next time or by a smaller ocsillating fan.
    I have repotted them now (2 weeks) and burried them an inch or so lower than usual and they look fine for now....
    Cheers for your feedback guys

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