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Will Isopropyl Alcohol Kill Mold

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by NY420, Nov 5, 2007.


    NY420 Active Member


    I read in one of the threads, that if you spray 'Isopropyl rubbing Alcohol' on the bud that is drying, it will kill and prevent mold.

    Does anyone know if this will work?
    Would it be 100% or a 3 to 1 mix with water?
    Is it safe to smoke?
    Lastly, would the Iso Alcohol ruin/mess with any of the trich's?

    If there is a better method of killing/preventing further spreading of mold on bud that is drying, please....please mention what it is and how to do it.


    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    I thought I read somewhere that cold temperature kill mold. I had a little on some bud so I put it in the freezer for a couple days. NOt sure its recommended. It did kill the mold. After that I dried it for a week, smoked fine. VV

    1puff2puff3puff Well-Known Member

    I think it's perioxide not alcohol, i am trying to find link sec....

    SmokerE Well-Known Member

    Alcohol I can only assume would seperate the trichs from the leaves. I just used it to clean my fingers off that were covered in resin.

    SmokerE Well-Known Member

    Peroxide? Wouldn't that add moisture once the cleaning properties have evaporated? Mold loves some moisture.

    1puff2puff3puff Well-Known Member

    No, lost of people say its the only solution, it airates and the oxigen kills the mold.... Look it up, put peroxide in search .... Not speaking from exp, just what i have read...

    SmokerE Well-Known Member

    I would think prevention would be the best deterrant from mold. To fight it after the fact would seem like a gamble.

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    I had some W.W. that had abit of bud rot. I used a q tip and dab abit of alcohol in the areas that I cut out the bud rot. I did read in one of my books it will prevent the mold from spreading. And Alcohol does evaporate rather quickly .It kills the mold spores and prevents it from spreading. probaly it would ruin the trichs in that small area..

    NY420 Active Member

    Hey...thank so far for the help. Yes I agree prevention would be best. However, I past that issue and am currently trying to stop the spread and also kill what mold might already be present. This is my 1st grow and I dont want to throw it all out.

    Does anyone else know if the ISO spray would work or not? Could some of the people how already posted here, try to reach out to the experts and see if they know about the ISO Alcohol.

    Thanks and looking forward to hopfully saving my only grow,


    NY420 Active Member

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question about the thought of ISO doing damge to the trich's.
    Meaning would it cause them to disappear, become shorter, split, melt, etc etc...Has anyone looked at the trich before spraying the ISO?

    Would the trich's still look the same after being sprayed with the ISO, but the THC strength be low?

    Thanks again so much,

    Mex Active Member

    They'll dissolve in the area that you spray but as long as you don't soak the buds (to where they drip alcohol), the dissolved trichs should just stay in the bud after the ISO evaporates, not really affecting the thc content.
    new ww grower

    new ww grower Active Member

    hey i am having a bit of mold problems too, but not w/ plants, with the finished product . just got back from vacation and the friend i asked to open jars did not come through.

    unfortunately no concrete advice for ya, but your post brings up an interesting question- Isopropyl alcohol, if it kills mold, can it be used to safely extract THC from nuggets/leaves/etc. with mold on them? Making hash w/ th alcohol method?

    In other words- if you have bud w/ mold can you safely make hash out of it? It seems like you could. Any experts or anyone with experience using rubbing alcohol to treat mold, please let me know what you think.

    cinandme03 Active Member

    1:9 ratio Milk and water {1 part milk, 9 parts water}, mix in a tsp. of baking soda and a 1/4 tsp. Dawn dish soap. Spray generously and at least 5 hrs. before lights go out. Rinse this off before you treat again. Won't "kill" mold but will control it for a while {7-14 days}. Clean all equipment and grow area with a 1:4 solution of Iso. alcohol and water with a 1/4 tsp. of dish soap {surfactant}. I've dealt with mildew/mold for a while. Remember to change up treatments; IDK if mold can build resistance. Good luck WW.
    Da Mann

    Da Mann Well-Known Member

    Cut it out and throw it away. How do you know it is not one of the molds that creates toxins when it grows?

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