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Will Florida Pass at Least Medical Marijuana Laws in 2012?

Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by haloman420, Dec 9, 2010.


    haloman420 Well-Known Member

    I live here and have my whole life but I cant stand the thought of all these states getting their smoke on and im just sitting down hear with my thumb up my ass (figure of speach) Thinking how dumb Florida's politics are. That's why Florida has the stiffest laws against marijuana because of some old ass geezers.:fire:

    Smokeless Active Member

    I say what you do is go down to the DHS or whatever its called over there and get a Psilocybe License! what are those quals? Dude in time! they will not be here forever! The new generation is on the rise

    haloman420 Well-Known Member

    What in the hell is a Psilocybe License

    monkeyinthemist Active Member

    they wont change the laws because we are the minority in this state and people with your mind set tend not to vote and of course old people have nothing better to do we'll lose every time. vote those people out and you might have a chance. might eing the operative word.
    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member

    Im wondering the same shit bro,
    they need to make this shit decriminlized or legal in fucking florida!

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    Florida is going to be one of the last places to decrim. or legalize. Way too conservative.:cry:

    brandon. Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't doubt it if Florida didn't decrim, or pass a MMJ law until after it's federally legalized... Our state is fucking sad. We should you be the poster child of MMJ because we have the biggest pill problem in the country (maybe even the world).

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    I've seen several recent documentaries that said that Florida has more indoor grows than any other state. Kinda strange for a state with such intolerant cannabis laws.:-?

    ENDLSCYCLE Well-Known Member

    ^^^Haha....mine used to be one of em.....now in the mid west....much more laid back^^^

    brandon. Well-Known Member

    strange, but I guess it kinda makes sense? maybe with the crazy ass laws we have here, you're more likely to go to jail buying than growing...

    are you in FL too?

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    No, but I am originally from there. Got a lot of family down there and I visit whenever possible so I can do some fishing. I caught a decent sized black tip last summer!:mrgreen:

    jamexpress Member

    I am a 46 year old Florida man living with a very, very painful pancreatic disease. I can no longer work and depend on Social Security disability for all my income. I can tell you flat out that marijuana helps with pain and nausea without a friggin doubt. I am in the hospital at least 5 times a year for a average stay of a week. If I could afford to buy pot like my prescription plan allows me to buy oxycodone for pain, I would be healthier and richer. I have to take up to 6 doses of 30mg tablets a day to keep my pain in check. I hate taking that kind of drug,that much, but I have no other choice. I would gladly trade my pill vial in for a bong! My quality of life has suffered greatly with this disease and I don't know how much worse it can get. I am seriously considering moving to a medical marijuana friendly state. The lawmakers in Florida should live my life for even a day!

    dtack Active Member

    Florida has always tried to be the uppidy state. "Were rich, were better then the rest. We can buy our way out of trouble and poor people need to be put in jail anyways. So let's keep the laws how they are they put poor people in jail!" That's why the laws won't change. And I'm from there. Lol

    FrankDank420 Member

    It´s going to have to, what we can do is start importing stoners from other states. That way we can changes the demographics.

    dudemandigo Well-Known Member

    im tryen to move there so one+

    FrankDank420 Member

    way too pessimistic, and you´re right if you have that attitude PUFMM isn´t going to get the signatures required. 700,000 signatures. lets do everything within our power to make this a reality for everyone in the sunshine state.

    Toorop Well-Known Member

    And the majority of that money came from cocaine smugglers and gamblers in the last century. Ironic, isn't it?

    lowrider2000 Well-Known Member

    Florida was built on drugs and cocane everyone uses it...........people are just two faced..........miami fo example i grew up in a middle class naighborhood from ages 6-12 3 of my friends dads whent to jail on major cocain charges one of them the DEA tore the walls out of the house he had coke and money in the walls!!!people like to look the other way and pretend they dont see anythingor look the other way and get paid.

    Mr.BigsBud Member

    Yeah we have a lot of black tips.

    1gamma45 Active Member

    Yea well atleast you dont live in NY were July 2010 the MMJ law was vetoed cause our Gov. at the time the worthless blind fuck he was was in a pissing contest with Senate and vetoed everything.

    Then come Nov. We elect an ass clown that openly says he has smoked pot but feel there is no medical value and would cause more problems so he refuses to to even read MMJ legaslation. So not only has NY not passed it but its now taken atleast 10 steps back. You wana talk about suck have the law sitting on your door step them have 2 yes that right 2 assclown ruin it for the entire state.

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