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Will flashlight on plants @ night hurt plants?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by volcanoOFhistory, Aug 2, 2010.


    volcanoOFhistory Active Member

    Im wondering if a an occasional short exposure from a flashlight on my plants @ night will screw up the transition to the plants budding. I usually water/ add fert @ night and was wondering if i am messin my plants up. Im usually only there 5 minits and use a little 4 led flashlight. I was checking the plants for bugs the other day and was like...O shit... am i F$#$$ing up my plant? I usually only make it out to them every week or so..sometimes less...depending on what the rain is like.

    dyzel Active Member

    It will be OK! If you want to avoid the exposure all together, I would water just before darkness sets in, then leave. The natural light available will also make it easier to see bugs in the premise.
    I Love THC

    I Love THC Active Member

    the moon comes out everynight and its probably brighter than your flashlight.

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Probably won´t hurt the plants but may attract any nosy parkers who might see you.

    bagada Active Member

    dont go at night....i just went at night and had a flashlight...well someone called a fire truck and said that someone was lost.....big scene....looks too suspicious....they even asked us what the hell we were doing up that late
    Space Angel

    Space Angel Well-Known Member

    it won't hurt them!!!!

    NBKA Active Member

    Spend 15 min in the dark before venturing off in the woods, you will NOT need a flash light!
    If you do need a light, Get an Boy scout or military Surplus store and get a red lense, you wont be so easy to see.

    Chunky Well-Known Member

    I had a whole bunch of my plants go hermie and the only thing that differed from my other concurrent grow was having a flashlight out on them 3-4 times a week.

    poplars Well-Known Member

    the moon is NOT brighter than a flashlilght . . . not even close . . . .

    here's a pretty easy way to tell . . . put the flashlight on something 20 feet away, look at it, then look at the moon. . . . lmfao.

    I wouldn't flash my plants with light whatsoever . . . . fuck risking hermaphrodites . . .

    Xare Well-Known Member

    When I go out to check my plants at night I use an LED headlamp with a green filter.

    The green light will not be absorbed by the chlorophyll in the leafs. And green light is very good for stealth.

    ogninja Member

    So i'm growing in my backyard, how much do I have to worry about other peoples patio lights. Etc. I'm on the ground floor in the middle of the building surrounded by people coming in and out all night turning lights on and off. Not enough to cast a shadow in the area growing, but my eyes can see light. Is that how sensitive an issue this is?

    poplars Well-Known Member

    I'd do everything I could to stop that . . . .

    rambler420 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about this the other day.

    Plants in the wild get exposed to headlights of cars all the time. If you planted a plant dead in your front yard (not that I would) would a car's headlights going down the road affect it?

    Also, am I reading it correctly that a green light is safe if I needed to go into the grow area at night? Every once in a while I need to go there and I've been using a cigarette lighter. You can't see shit with a cigarette lighter. :)

    Xare Well-Known Member

    You can see really well with a green light LED and they are safe to use in the grow area.

    Green light will not mess up a plants Photo-period.

    I like my headlamp green LED because I can carry two 5 gallon buckets of water from the water source to the plants at night and I can see everything in front of me.

    Dreadheadgrow Active Member

    Finally a good answer. Indeed a green light will be the best, I use it just in case I need to go into dark flowering room.

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