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Will drinking red bull clean out your system?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by MagicBus420, Apr 22, 2008.


    MagicBus420 Active Member

    I read somewhere that if u drink 2 or 3 red bulls it will clean your system out does it work? and does anyone know anything else that will clean out your system?

    Pookiedough Well-Known Member

    Nope red bull wont do squat,better off drinking tons of water....at a reasonable pace so you don't kill yourself.:peace:

    BudMarLeY Well-Known Member

    drink lots of water and take a few cranberry pills to add some color to ur watered down piss, so when u do get tested they wont think you poured water in it

    rev3la7ion Well-Known Member

    Actually it speeds up the fat burning process with tons of niacin. That's what red bull has a lot of in each can. If you OD on niacin your body starts to burn fat up at a really fast pace but makes your body temperature go up and you feel like you're melting almost. But it does work. You have to OD on it for it to work. This works with most energy drinks. But you have to drink a lot of them.

    CALIGROWN **4*****:****2*******0***

    ice tea works well...

    Pookiedough Well-Known Member

    If this is true wouldn't you be better off just taking a few niacin supplements "not the non flush" kind and enjoying the lovely effect of it?I remember niacin well, the insanely pink skin "almost sunburned looking" and the feeling of being super hot even in 30 degree weather....niacin its a helluva drug.:twisted:

    rev3la7ion Well-Known Member

    Yep, that's why some head shops sell niacin supplements.

    Dopalicious Well-Known Member


    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    red bull wont do it. You can take niacin pills with golden seal and then flush your body with tons of water or cranberry juice. Careful with the niacin it will make you get hot red and itchy too much you start to feel like your gonna freak out

    paranoia Active Member

    I think it does actually, there is Niacin in Red Bull. The sugar free Red Bull, which I have been drinking for awhile, consists of 100% Niacin. I use to drink the sugar free for awhile, one time in specific when I was probation they gave me a random UA at school. I had just had that previous Friday, it was now Monday. Anyhow I dropped the UA and she tested it. I thought for sure I was screwed because I had just smoked 3 blunts that Friday. The test was negative, although it showed some tiny trace amounts of marijuana, which could have easily been inhaled from people smoking around you, so she said. That weekend I was pretty much living on Red Bull, and it came out of my system pretty well. I think if you drink a few Red Bulls each day with some water as well it should come out of your system pretty easy.
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