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will auto flowering plants grow in the window in winter?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Mighty_boosh, Jul 28, 2007.


    Mighty_boosh Well-Known Member

    will auto flowering plants grow in the window in winter? coz i aint got no set up i just use the sun but we dont get sun in the winter just want to know

    Mighty_boosh Well-Known Member

    but it is a auto flowering plant i think i would because they bud with any amout of light

    KushMaster85 Well-Known Member

    Sure the plant will flower with any amount of light. The problem will be low light levels which mean low budd production. I say yes it will flower but with low yeilds. Try using CFLs much better then the window sill.

    IzBiggz Member

    ya it will flower just not a large yield of bud! im wondering if there is a way to grow outdoors in the winter using sort of like a gree house effect

    whitewidow99 Member

    for 10 bucks you could hook up a cfl vurtualy free on your elitric bill and get a way better yeild

    jkeddy Member

    i agree , not even worth the price of the seed if you dont even have a cfl,and even with 1 cfl it will still be low.autoflowers are good for people who want a quick crop with the proper lighting (HPS) Although my friends doing about 20 autos now under a 1000 watt and there are pretty cool to watch grow ,but i wouldent waste my time on them.

    whitewidow99 Member

    like ur gonna get really undersized scraggely buds and u are gonna be mad that u only grew a bowl or two to smoke remeber the buds liike like 3 times bigger on the plant

    Texluver Member

    Where could I get that for 10 bucks?

    mellokitty Moderatrix of Journals

    see, this is a fairly common misconception - autoflowers will *flower at a certain height, age, root mass, etc., but whether those flowers will be big enough to smoke is what matters to us, right? winter sunlight is hardly enough for most things to stay alive under, much less flower. the best you're gonna get is a tea tip with some pistils growing out of it. keep in mind your plant is still going to know it's winter.
    think about it: nature wants things to flower to coincide with their pollinators showing up (ie. summer/fall). in the polar extremes, conditions at that time are 24h sun aka midnight sun, right? which means that autoflower strains evolved to flower under *too *much light as opposed to *not *enough, because "not enough light" happens in winter no matter which end of the planet you're on and who wants to flower then?
    that and plants in your window are your ticket to having a gun shoved in your face. the cops may be able to tell you don't have some lights blazing away in your basement (i/r scopes, etc.) but some thugs might be willing to drop by just to make sure.

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