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Will adding Honey to A Water Solution?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Lemoneyes, Feb 7, 2009.


    Lemoneyes Active Member

    Will adding normally organic honey to a water solution kill my plant or increase the buds? its about 7 weeks into flower and had nothing but water since the start, can any1 help?

    lordblunterist Well-Known Member

    it think it would add to the smell and the weight in the long run,try molasses,

    but really dude i wouldnt bother the plant wont start using the shit cause its so late into flowerring,its pointless

    Lemoneyes Active Member

    i was only planning on using a tiny amount diluted in water, caz my buds arnt looking to plump atm, may try a tiny but, but will probably cry if it dies, lol

    lordblunterist Well-Known Member

    go for it dude it wont do shit!!!!!!!!!

    Lemoneyes Active Member

    its done :D give it a few days see how its doin, and i'll let ya know :)

    bikeskill Well-Known Member


    ghostsamurai25 New Member

    Your plants looks like it needs all it can get. Why dont you give it some nutes. You still have 3-4weeks left before its ready for harvest.
    Dont forget when using cfl its adds atleast 2 additional weeks to flowering. You need to get some organic nutes from lowes and start feeding lightly every other watering.

    freedomtoker Member

    i have heard a lot about mollasses to increase bud size by up to 20 percent! it works mainly because it is filled with sugars that feed beneficial organisms in the soil. mollasses also is filled with already chelated minerals that make mollasses number one. I was thinking about using honey as well though, only use 100 percent natural, raw and unfiltered honey(the darker the honey the better.) it is filled with a vitamin B1 which makes the root system flourish. It also has i wide range of amino acids also good for the plant. its sugar is the best known to man and is filled with bee enzymes that might be helpful to the soil but i am not sure. Either way though your plants are probably already too late to add. I am not sure about the NPK ratio of honey which might be worth checking into.

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