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Will a hydro setup yield more then an organic soil mix?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by tsboss1, Oct 23, 2010.


    tsboss1 Well-Known Member

    I hear people saying hydro/aeroponic setups grow alot faster then growing in soil but I would like to hear about which set up would yield the most in the same enviroment? Also how much longer would it take in soil to harvest vs in hydro?

    Sorry if this has been answered before

    jordan293 Well-Known Member

    yes they do go faster because there is more direct nutrient uptake. Out of all of them aeroponics gives the best results but is the most difficult to use. And the harvest time is the same no matter how ya grow

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    ive never done hydro but i know a grower who has been growing for a very long time he grew inall soil for about 10 years and did a very good job. he switched over to hydro about 5 years ago. i asked him why he switched and if theri is any difference at all he told me that the only REAL difference is that they veg much faster, flower time is still the same, same yeilds, and same taste. and he didnt like having to buy soil every grow.
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    Snow Crash

    Snow Crash Well-Known Member

    This says it all. More vigorous growth during the vegetative phase allows for a larger plant in a given amount of time. This will ultimately translate into a larger harvest.

    Organics is great though. You can always go hydro organic, or do a bit of both. Have a few DWC plants, a few organic plants, I mean... What's the worst that can happen? You get high...
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    smallclosetgrowr Well-Known Member

    it veges faster which = faster yeilds.and hydro yeilds blow soil away if u know how to grow hyrdo. aeroponics are great so if nft and ebb n flow and dwc, it comes down to preference imo.

    but if i was to grow soil and hydro in the same enviroment i would yeild probly 3 weeks quicker with hydro.
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    woodsmaneh! Well-Known Member

    The rule of thumb is hydro will grow 20 to 30% more. Now how they arrive at that is by looking at the average grower and the knowledge they have and use. But if your not average that means you suck or are a god, growing some will tell you where you are.

    As for myself I grew with hydro for 8 years and tried everything from areo, dwc, ebb & flow bla bla bla money was no issue.

    I started growing sort of organic 5 or 6 years ago and today I am a raging green organic gardener and I love it. I have never grown so much so well. MY yield is up 40% and all I do is water. I do make a tea once in a while.

    So here is the real difference, I am 100 times better gardener today than I was 5 years ago that's the real difference in how much you grow. I bought books did research, took courses, hang out here and keep learning. It's no different than a sport, the more you train and learn the better you get.
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    tsboss1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys for all the positive answers. I was just confused because I see alot of people talking about faster yields but I couldnt find any info if the yields were larger then one another. I now have a better understanding. I want to try both organic and DWC and see what I come up with

    McFonz Well-Known Member

    Hydro is USUALLY faster, yields more and all that.
    But the reason is because its much more simple. You just follow some numbers and charts.

    Growing organically you need to do more homework.
    When you get your stuff done you can match a proper hydro system.
    It just takes more work.

    I grew both ways and like the organic buds much better. Everyone did.
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    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    hydro seems way more complicated then soil always having to measure ppms and ec, plus pumps, and keeping the water at the right temp. IMO soil is so so simple. and their is no way hydro will make a plant ripen faster.

    McFonz Well-Known Member

    it takes more work to prepare a proper soil mix and requiers more thinking than measuring PH and EC.
    With hydro you have everything laid down and you just need to make sure you follow the numbers.

    In soil you rarely have anything that percise. For newbies I believe its easier.

    Hydro won't make plants ripen faster but if you follow the charts you should have nothing to extend the flowering phase.
    In soil some mistakes can delay the ripening.
    A happy plant will grow the same in hydro as it will in soil. Question is how to make it happy.

    realmaple1 Active Member

    BAM. its all about the grower and not what its grown in. i dont notice a difference either except hydroponic u gotta pay attention alot more then soil.
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    chetbaker Member

    Hey Mr. Ganja:

    I'm a huge fan of organics and would love to find out what brand of nutes you use. Maybe you're brewing compost tea? Using Bokashi tea? Any info you can give me will help me out. I'm trying to spread the gospel of organics and responsible growing practices. Thanks - Chet.

    spek9 Well-Known Member

    Well, if you have a really good budget, most everything can be automated with hydro, and kit can be bought so all you have to do is look into your grow room and see all of your measurements (PPM, pH, TDS, EC, temp, humidity) on a single panel at a glance.

    The good thing with hydro, is with the right nutes and a good clean setup, you just let it run. Hydro is very good for when you need to take trips (again, as long as you have your setup dialed in).

    So I like hydro better for larger grows (except I'd always rather be outdoors in soil), but for smaller indoor grows, I prefer soil.

    I have 24 plants flowering at all times, and although the 8 or so I have in hydroton grow smaller than the same-size soil buckets, they are far less maintenance, and much easier to just rinse off the medium and reuse.

    Many positives and negatives for both :)


    Jbone77 Well-Known Member

    I grow in both hydro and soil, the reason people say hydro yields more is because of veg time, if 2 clones are both vegged for 4 weeks, 1 in soil and 1 in hydro, the hydro plant will yield more because it will be bigger at flip. They will take the same time to flower. A 4 week veg in hydro is equal to a 6-7 week veg in soil. Less veg time equals more harvests per year.

    Jbone77 Well-Known Member

    Wtf, damn thread is from 2010

    fir3dragon Well-Known Member

    Why revive a 2010 thread? Are you a idiot whoever did?

    doubleU_420 Member

    Because these are forums, not a chatroom. This info stays online and will help others in the future.

    ISK Well-Known Member

    you are replying to someone who has been offline for 6 months
    harris hawk

    harris hawk Well-Known Member

    Keep it Simple for soil grows High stress and care, time, etc for hydro grows BUT bigger yields - all depends on you, your situation and $.

    Funkateer Member

    nobody gives a fuck. do you even understand what he just said?
    only because the topic is a few years old, does not mean that everything has been said.
    sometimes it takes time for a thread to have experienced people stop by and writing down knowledge, its a big part of why forums do exist.

    please do us a favor and search for a newer thread about the same topic, and tell this guy that there is already a thread about it. And of course that he has to use the "search" function. then again rage about how he could make a post in such an old thread...

    you get it now?

    you're one of many of those guys, who are asking for help for a particular situation of some kind, posting a thread, then finding a solution himself and then leaving a last post in that (unsolved) thread something like that: " never mind guys, but I already found the solution but thanks anyway guys"

    that's how so many people "use" forums.

    I know it's off topic and its old and whatnot, but I think a speech like this should be pinned in every forum.

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