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wild hemp

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by test_pilot, May 21, 2007.


    test_pilot Well-Known Member

    i have a lot of wild HEMP growing around my property. if a person wanted to could you cross breed the pollen :hump: either way just to make a stronger outdoor plant:weed: ?

    Beaner Well-Known Member

    lol no, hemp would ruin it, i have planted seeds from accidental cross polination, and of 20 plants 19 were male or hermie and the one female wasn't potent at all, i smoked close to an eighth and didn't get high, it would take several generations of breeding to the point where there isn't much hemp left in it at all before it would be strong enough to be worth smoking. best to just plant your good plants as far away from them as you can.
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    pothead6 New Member

    ive grown hemp and had only females so idk ...
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    Stonerville Well-Known Member

    hemp aint no good for puffin

    Beaner Well-Known Member

    i wasn't saying you WILL get only males, but i did, in most wild plots around here its about 50/50 male female but they are a waste of time for anything but a cool place to smoke a bowl or to dry out the skin and weave into neclaces, which is fun by the way....lol

    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    Hemp is Marijuana. Hemp was given the mexican name 'marihuana' by Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

    (-)_(-) Well-Known Member

    yeah word . . . . i thought it was the same shit

    sofly Well-Known Member

    how do u make those sweet bracelets from hemp

    Beaner Well-Known Member

    look it up, the weave is based on overhand knots and is super super easy to do, hemp rope is cheep as hell at craft shops if you have no hemp, and yes hemp is the same plant, canabis sativa, but it has almost no thc whatsoever, trust me i have tried everything growing up, making iso hash from it, smoking blunts or 11 massive pipe bowls of it in a row, even as sinsemilla it is uselless, just looks cool. oh well and the fact that an acre of hemp can make as much paper as an acre of rainforest...considering a rainforest takes at least 300 years to grow and a field of hemp can be ready in 3 months it really makes ya wonder what kinda people run the world ya know? i heard the name marijuana came from the female name "maria juana" wich would me the spanish version of "mary jane".

    test_pilot Well-Known Member

    hmmm interesting replies i guess id have to take the strains of each into consideration maybe next year once ive made myself a variety of seeds and have a few more plants to play with . im gonna keep cloning the ones ive got plus im gonna try my hand at breeding . any advise on breeding would be much appreciated (yes ive read as much as possible :-)thanks again for your thoughts

    test_pilot Well-Known Member

    i think ill try make my own hemp rope for thoughs braclets though corny but kinnda fun lol

    Beaner Well-Known Member

    corny no! every chance we get to show uses for our plant is a win in the battle. remember soldiers, this is a war! we must protect our plant from the cruel czars of our goverment who wish to torture and eradicate them all, and all of us who are compasionate twords them, plus it's a good way to remember an especially good weed plant, by making something with it's skin.

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