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Wich company makes the very best grow tent?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by The Warlord, Nov 25, 2009.

    The Warlord

    The Warlord Well-Known Member

    I'm in the market for a tent to put in the non grow room to do some breeding in besides my regular grow. Who makes the best tent. I'm thinking a 5 x 5 footprint. The local hydro shop carries a brand called Growroom (i think) that looks really nice for about 260 bucks. Just wondering if there is anything better. Never used a tent before so advice is welcome.

    irish4:20 Well-Known Member

    Im using a seceret jardin grow tent and have found it fine:bigjoint:
    smoking chef

    smoking chef Well-Known Member

    I also have the secret jardin and I really like it.
    High Hopes

    High Hopes Member

    I use a Hydro hut it works very well.

    benvegas Well-Known Member

    Whatever brand tent I used in my water cooled tent room setup on signature link, dont use that one. They sucked terribly in respect to strength, light leaking, nutrients burning linings, etc.....

    BlueBalls Well-Known Member

    The Secret Jardin Intense line are probably the best grow tents on the market at the moment.
    The smallest one is 4x8 and at $1300 it's not cheap.
    Mr.Bob Saget

    Mr.Bob Saget Active Member

    The Grow Lab is probably the best out there now..Its the newest design to my understanding.

    pinkjackyle Well-Known Member

    htg supply will have 1 4 u

    dura72 Well-Known Member

    i've a secrect jardin. 4' x 4' x 6.5'. got it from greenshorticulture.com. i'm organic under 600 watt hps. 6 plants. it cost £300( britishpounds) and that was for 600 watt hps light with ballast, 1 x 6" fan, 4" ducting ,extractor fan , charcol filter and timer. decent rig and i searched the net for a bit b4 i bought it. it'll hold six plants up to 5'. my mate has identical and pulled 20oz from first grow.

    TeddyPickles New Member

    got a cheap one on ebay for under 100 but its a fraction of the size of that. For $260 I think a 5x5 footprint is a damn good deal.

    The Warlord

    The Warlord Well-Known Member

    Thanks for thwe input guys. I'll check out all of your suggestions. I'd planned on getting a tent before new years but I could not turn down the black friday sale on my new 50 inch flatscreen. :) So the tent got put off for a month or so. I'll update when I get it.

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