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Why Kush strains popular?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by duke23, May 1, 2009.


    duke23 Well-Known Member

    Why are Kush strains so popular. Don't get me wrong their strong but it just lays me on the couch and knocks me out to sleep as they are heavy on the body. That's all i hear kush this and that but there are plenty of quality genetics out there that are strong as well. What do you think? Like my friend says he has got some kush and am like naw will smoke some Lavender. He is like kush to strong for you am like no just perfer a different indica feeling than the usual put me to sleep sh*t...

    SOFTWHITE Well-Known Member

    I'm a sativa dude myself, but I smoke some kush when I get the urge.

    AiCPearlJam Well-Known Member

    B Real from Cypress Hill ONLY smokes Kush.....he said maybe Sour Diesel when he's in NY but usually always Kush.

    trapper Well-Known Member

    who is b real and why is it important what the dude smokes.

    flipsidesw New Member

    I love me some bubba kush. Very instense flavor and strong ass body high. Im the type of guy to smoke a bowl a watch a movie. Kush isnt my first choice to smoke before going to the bars. Id almost rather smoke schwag the kush before the bars. Kush always shuts me up and sits me down.

    armlengthbuds Well-Known Member

    kush is ambien in herb form, yeah it fucks u up, but if u cant carry a conversation, it's best left for bed.


    Greyskull Well-Known Member

    i think i am either possessing a really high tolerance or everyone else is a pussy, because i smoke all day long from when i wake up to when i pop in south park biggerlongeruncut for nighty night. i smoke bubba kush first thing in the morning. or sour diesel. or my sour dub (which has been called the most potent pot by some pro heads btw). i smoke 3-7 grams a day, no lie. i smoke a lot of pot you could say. i see a lot every day.... or it sees me whatever haha

    take control of your high people! you're in charge rmember.... a productive stoner is a good stoner for stoners everywhere.

    back to topic....

    bottom line with "kush" and all the hype you hear....the "marketing strategies" about the smells, the flavors, and the couch lock high is simple... the facts speak for themselves if "kush" sucked as bad as people want it to no one would smoke it, no one would grow it. people are stupid, sure. but in these economic times people are not going to shell out their cheddar for low quality "all talk no action" smoke. at least not the people i know... and they have about 40 different options every single time they go to the counter.

    chitownsmoking Guest

    how do u know this?
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    The reason is that many people confuse pot that makes you a drooling foot-sliding physically incapacitated incoherent mess for being more potent than pot that is a rocket sled ride and gets you higher than if you were suddenly transported to Pluto but still leaves you with a clear head and feeling active and motivated.

    pinkus New Member


    and besides i always hear they all smoke SAGE...it's pretty funny for being such "outsiders" they sure know how to market that image....20 years later...I hear Chuck D. only uses Geritol :twisted:


    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    So we have the couch/bed time smoke in Kush. Would you please name a couple of your favorite strains available via attitude that has this motivated feeling? something that doesn't grow too tall? Thanks

    armlengthbuds Well-Known Member

    look for predominantly sativa strains. Their website will tell u the veg and flower period and total height. Of course u can manipulate the veg cycle to grow short plants. Super crop, LST, scrogg... There is so many strains and cross strains now, it just takes a lil research to find the one for you or two or three.... Good luck!

    • and For Pot's sake grow organic! And FoxFarm is not organic. If u want to spend hundreds go Advanced, works wonderfully, if u want to spend $40 go BMO (Blue Mountain Organics) ebay only, but works wonderfully. Do a BMO search on RIU and get others opinions. Organic equals the best tasting, potent buds (strain dependant) we can get. BMO is known for their Super Plant Tonic, But their complete lineup is really no different than advanced. I grew 10 plants AK47 using ALL BMO, my next grow I did 10 plants using Advanced, and the only difference was the advanced yield was almost an oz. heavier. And we're talking 10 plants here. bud density was the same but i still thought the BMO smoke was tastier, smoother after the cure. anyways, i'm stoned and ranting because i cant believe people believe in the pretty label chemicals that cost a fortune. If the bug strikes u, go organic.

    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    The not growing tall part pretty much excludes the types I like the best and of the ones I like the very most some are not available through Attitude.
    As you likely know sativas grow to be rather tall. Unless someone starts them at 12/12 from seed or tops them early, several times in fact, they are highly likely to grow taller than most people have lighting and or room to deal with.
    Here are a few I like:
    Willie Nelson
    Nevilles Haze
    Jack Herer
    Kali Mist
    Jamaican Lamb's Bread
    There are a number of old school sativas that are very difficult to find in their pure form but if they can be found they are fantastic.
    Panama Red
    Acapulco Gold
    Colombian Gold
    Malawi Gold
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    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    The name Kush is from the Hindu Kush Valley in Afghanistan.

    Afghan pot was breed for hash production so there is always massive amounts of crystals on the buds.

    The grow season is short in Afghanistan so the plants have to finish fast or freeze.

    This makes Kush the perfect indoor weed.

    Many people will never understand the differences in high. A Sativa high may not put you down like an Indica but the high is a lot more clear and energetic.

    I like my Afghans for medicine. You just can't beat the pain relief. My patients also like it for nausea.
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    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    I think someone should at least mention taste here. Sure the indica type stone isn't perfect for all situations but the kush taste is one of my favorites. That musty coffee musk is instantly recognizable. Plus who smokes only one type of weed all the time? I like to mix it up and the kushes I have smoked are all the finest examples of the indica end of the spectrum.
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    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    ... no comment.

    As to the original post, people like to say they have Kush (most people just randomly call bullshit strains kush to sell them) just to make some extra money.

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    very true i think if you have reall good gentics and know how to grow really good and have a indica dom plant u can call it kush

    duke23 Well-Known Member

    Your right about that. I tell people i have some good Lavender on me and there like whats that rather smoke Kush. I am like man try the lavender its a good indica like the kush but a completely nice different stone. It's marketing alright even though i like the kush to get a good sleep when i can't sleep for shi* at night....

    pinkus New Member

    Kush is tasty, smelly, dense, crystal covered, potent, and above all....it's got a great name. Hell they even call OG Kush kush, and it's a sativa dom.

    seriously Kush has become a catch-all phrase for stinky/spicy indica....ok that's not quite right. Kush is a line of strains originating in the Hindu Kush....take a look at the map. It was generic term for all the marijuana of a certain type that originated there. Now it's a marketing bonanza!

    marijaneindeed New Member

    kush strains so popular becasue they are teh shit!!!!

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