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Why is my seedling not growing?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by pblayde1906, Aug 19, 2012.


    pblayde1906 Active Member

    Ok. It's day 7 and 2 of my 3 plants are growing just fine. But my vanilla kush just seems to be stuck. Its hella small compares to the other two. Anyone else had this problem?

    Oh yea. The other two are 1 purple kush and 1 afghan kush

    thehole New Member

    Is it showing signs of burning?

    My last Vanilla Kush died in FFOF, one of only two plants I've ever lost in FFOF.

    pblayde1906 Active Member

    It's not burned at all. Looks fine. It's just not growing. Hasn't grown since last Monday seems like.

    noobled Active Member

    could be establishing roots first befor foilage and hieght i had a girl that seems like she just didnt want to do anything than she cought up the the other ones in no time
    Toolage 87

    Toolage 87 Well-Known Member

    Remember some strains have plants that grow fast and some that grow very slow. Since most seeds on the market aren't pure breed its not gonna all grow at the same rate.

    pblayde1906 Active Member

    Thanks guys. I just hadn't seen anything like it. I'll be patient and give it time.
    george xxx

    george xxx Active Member

    Some indicas will sometimes take a couple of weeks to get its head out of the dirt, its quite normal if it is not discolored.

    thehole New Member

    Here are four different strains all at day 29 from seed. No slow growth really but you can see how they grow out differently. Just a week ago they were half the size.


    At day 7 you shouldn't have much more then this below


    pblayde1906 Active Member

    Mine haven't grown that tall but same amount of foliage. Excluding the smaller one.

    pblayde1906 Active Member

    It's day 9. Just checked my plants. The runt actually showed some signs of progress. I'm happy about that. At the same time, my Afghan seedling is showing slight burn on the tips. Nothing extreme. Should I be alarmed?

    thehole New Member

    Early seedlings can show some burnt tips in FFOF. This is why for seedlings i use light warrior or the FFOF/light warrior mix. Just keep checking. As for growth it can seem forever but at some point they will just take off.

    pblayde1906 Active Member

    yea. its getting worse. I don't really know what to do. Can't flush it.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Newbies listen to this advice and his observations on soil.

    DANKSKANK Well-Known Member

    I'd say it's because it's a Barneys Farm strain. I have yet to find a strain from them that is stable and vigorous. Tangerine Dream was the touchiest strain I've ever grown and their violator kush was pure crap. The smoke from both of them sucked compared to my usual indicas. They only win the cup because of their promotional bullshit and probably paying off the judges.
    66 north

    66 north Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with the same kind of plants. All's I will say is never again.

    Jimmyjonestoo Well-Known Member

    My buddy grew out some tangerines dream and it turned out great. Wanting to do some myself soon.

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    seedlings dont need any nutrients except for whats in your TAP WATER.. ph balanced might help... but also some good info to help your seedling growth is try germinating with worm castings-- it will "innoculate" the roots and protect them from disease and make it a stronger, hardier plant. :-)

    DANKSKANK Well-Known Member

    Here's two of mine which were monsters and yielded pretty good but (and I'm not bragging) in the hands of a newb, this strain would be a disaster. They were extremely nute-sensitive and light sensitive too. The leaves that were closest to the light were bleached so I had to tie them away from the light because they stretched so much I ran out of vertical room. I topped and tied them but they still stretched over 4x the original size in bloom. I also have talked to two different people that were at the 2010 cup and they both said that the seeds they received were definitely NOT what they sampled at the cup. Barney pulled a fast one on us. I just gave away my last 4 TD seeds because I will NEVER buy from Barney again, even if it's a freebie. Beware the hype!


    pblayde1906 Active Member

    It's growing now and isn't burning in the soil so I'm happy. My Afghan finally stopped burning. My soil's pH was very alkaline so I pH some water down to 5.8 and used it. Soil was still at 7 but I figured if I do it again on the next one it should bring it down to 6.7 or so. I had to use apple cider vinegar this time bc I'm waiting on the PH down to be delivered.

    pblayde1906 Active Member

    here are some pics of my plants. Any help is appreciated. The smallest one in the red pot has been the most difficuli. It's the Vanilla Kush. It was just fine until I looked at it today. The one that's burned is the afghan Kush. It started burning last wed. But stopped on Friday and hasn't gptten any wose. So what u see basically happened in 2 days. But its bouncing back. The one with minimal defects is the purple kush its the biggest and the most beautiful.

    Here's some info for u guys. Today is 2 weeks from seed. I'm using FFOF with Perlite and Dolemite Lime. My pH was high on Sat so i used some Apple cider vinegar to bring it down. It worked ok but the pH is still above 7. I'm using no nute at all. And I'm watering with distilled water about every 4 days or so. I've been trying to let my pots dry all the way and get really light before i water. Take a look at the pics. Please comment and giveadvice. Any advice is appreciated. I'm a noob so i need it all.

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