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Why is my plant not flowering?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by dudeinshoes, Oct 26, 2009.


    dudeinshoes Member

    ok i vegged for 4 weeks, then switched to 12/12 lighting. That was now 16 days ago, just over 2 weeks - still no signs of flowering... any advice?

    Will plants still flower using 6400K lights? (CFLs)

    help! :(
    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    Yes they will flower under that spectrum, although it COULD take longer? I would say the first thing to check for is light leaks... making sure NO radiant energy is entering your grow room during the off cycle. That will confuse your plants and they could still be attempting to metabolize when your lights are off...other then that... are they still showing signs of Vegetative growth? or are the completely stunted? Have you switched to your Flower feeding schedule?

    greenguy78 Active Member

    are you sure you sexed them right?

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i would think that four weeks isn't all that much veg time... i have heard that it is recomended to veg untill the plant shows pre-flowers, and if put into flower before a plant shows preflowers it can stunt a plant and reduce its overall yeild... there is not much you can do to speed up the flowering process, it is just one of those things that take time..
    as far as flowering under those bulbs, i think you are fine.. the way i look at it is that alot of people veg under hps which are more of a red spectrum and better suited for flowering... and a lot of people also do the reverse.. flower using mh bubls which are in the blue spectrum and better suited for vegetive growth, but both achieve good results either way..
    best of luck... you could always just do a search for cfl's and i am sure there are tons of threads and people on them who could also help you out with any further ?'s..

    smppro Well-Known Member

    A plant will only flower once it is mature enough, 12/12 wont make a plant flower that isnt ready. 4 weeks apparently wasnt enough veg time. It will keep vegging under 12/12 until its ready. And 2 weeks isnt really that long to wait to see hairs.
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    dudeinshoes Member

    light leaks is very possible, ive covered up the major areas where light could get in, but there are still a few small areas.

    Still getting vege growth, however it has slowed down a lot.

    Im not using any nutes because i had some nute burn developing, so just cut out all the nutes - the compost had enough for 6 weeks growth it said

    They are feminised seeds - Super Silver Haze... is this a longer strain?

    how long should i wait before you think there's a major problem?

    Also, any advice on pruning? lots of bushy growth down below - i was told to take that off?
    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    Ohhh, haze is a 12-13 week plant i believe, so yes it is a very long plant, that could be it, just a slow flowerer.... Hmm, Idk if it's possible for something such as this to turn in to a major problem, sounds like its just taking awhile.. Plants stretch a lot through 3-5 weeks of veg, especially hazey sativas... also, you can prune those bottom branches if they arent reaching effective PAR, this is called lollipopping because you create a lollipop style plant with huge top colas and no undergrowth, very efficient. Take pictures over the next couple of days and you will probably notice more flower activity...
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    Butthead08 Well-Known Member

    I would give it another week. If you still dont see any hairs or bud sites forming fix all the light leeks, and then leave the plant in total darkness for 24hrs. Then start with the 12/12 again.

    smppro Well-Known Member

    If its not flowering and its still vegging then the only problem you will run into is the fact that you are vegging with half the light you could be. You can leave it on 12/12 and wait for flower just might take longer.

    HomeGrownHairy Well-Known Member

    You should add some 2700w-3100w cfl's to your grow. The 6400k is for vegging. They will flower, but you wont get much. If you want to d Plants can take 2 weeks to show preflowers, but yours will take longer because on the lights you're using.

    You can flower from seeds if you use hps or low k bulbs. Ideally, plants should veg 4-5 weeks, but that's not necessary to flower. That guy is 100% wrong.

    HomeGrownHairy Well-Known Member

    :roll:You should know that's wrong. You can flower from seed. Why would you post that???

    smppro Well-Known Member

    LOL you try to flower from 12/12 and see how that works for you. It will veg under 12/12 until its ready to start flowering. Please tell me your not under the impression you can start flowering a plant from seeds, you sir should know better. Can you show me a 3 week old seedling that is flowering?:roll::eyesmoke:

    Geneticfreak Active Member


    stilljonzen Well-Known Member

    Yep ive done from strait seed, they can flower from birth

    NinjaToke Active Member

    How about flowering clones?

    smppro Well-Known Member

    still waiting to see a flowering seedling. I didnt say you couldnt use 12/12 from seeds, its just not flowering right away its just vegging under 12hrs of light, so lets see those pics.

    dudeinshoes Member

    ok so its been 3 and a half weeks now, still no flowering but a fair amount of stretching.

    I am going to replace some more of the lights with 2700Ks, and do what i can about any remaining light leaks. Then leave for 24hrs dark.

    Fingers crossed!

    P.S - Could some form of deficiency be stopping flowering?

    acepowerz Well-Known Member

    Yes, you flower 1 clone to see if it is male or female then you veg the other clone cuttings till they are mature enough to put into flowering.

    TO the OP I am sure you got your answers by now but if not I see your growing Silver Haze it is a long growing Sativa it will take some time to show signs of flower. I am growing them ATM but I have not put them into flowering yet. GL

    dudeinshoes Member

    Just took out 2 of the 11W 6400K CFLs and replaced with a 30W 2700k.

    Keep me posted on your own progress :)

    cell1988 Well-Known Member

    if your plants dark cycle is getting interupted than thats the problem. it has to have a full 12 hours of darkness. if it does get the darkness than it could just be genetics. maybe your plant takes forever to flower....... are there any signs of sex? if there are balls its a male. it really could be a male.... but still it should be showing its sex at least.

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