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Why is my new growth curling?!?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by fortymike, Jan 16, 2010.


    fortymike Active Member

    I'm growing 6 plants that are a week and half old in a hydro hut under a 400 watt hps.. i planted them in foxfarm soil and gave em water only the first week, then yesterday I gave them a half dose of Grow for the first time (ph @ 6.5) and half of them have crazy curly new growth. the temp is consistent at 75 and the humidity is alway under 50 so I know that's not a prob but is it just the newts? or over/under watering?:wall:

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    idlehands80 Active Member

    its hard to tell from the pics, but, with the way the leaves look swollen and I think some of them looked like they were yellowing some, I would say theat they looked overwatered. Let them dry out a few days and see if they perk back up. Also you should wait until they are at least 2-3 weeks old before introducing any nutes. Good luck.

    deoss69 Active Member

    you have the claw looks like its from over ferting flush and then dont give nutes until after they are like 3 weeks old. then wait few weeks to bump up to like 1/2 and so on till you find the happy medium . some strains handle food better than others also . gl also some of the edges look alil raised could be from heat stress . check light distance for heat . http://www.ganjaguerrilla.net/index.htm look at this link it should help diag better

    iluvlincoln Member

    Looks sorta like mine

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    The CLAW!

    Classic overfert. Leach the soil and lay off the nutes.

    sweetsmoker Well-Known Member

    have u checked ya ph run off mate? mine went like that wen the ph was off, locked out nutes to th eplants and they twisted up,, also new growth was stunted and yellow

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    LOL, You took the words outta my mouth. I was just going through this http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=11688 a few hours ago, and that problem definitely sounds like "the classic" nitrogen overfert. :wink:

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