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Why flush?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by decept1con, Feb 1, 2013.


    decept1con Member

    Ok so I'm sure people are going to have strong opinions about this and thats fine so let em fly...My 2c...If we are trying to grow organic with compounds that as natural as we can....then what is the purpose of flushing...this is why i ask...If a plant in its natural environment growing with the nourishment its getting from the soil, rain, and sun....then how would a plant flush itself...its not like the plant stops taking in nutrients before its bloom cycle is done...The plant is creating the buds to protect the seeds from insects, pests, and the elements....so if we flush the last week are we not just cutting the plant short...I understand that flushing is to remove chems in the plant from feeding because no matter how organic something says it is there are some other things present... but if they are in such small amounts anyway is there REALLY a need to flush....I in no way claim to be a plant expert but from taking a plant back to growing wild it seems like organic growing is as close as you can get...and i cant really see why a plant grown in the wild can be smoked with no flush.... yet when we try to mimic nature we start to create rules that are a must when there is no real way that process could happen in nature....I'm not saying that everyone who flushes is wrong or even that its not a good idea...I just went through that thought process (blazed of course lol) and thought i would see how other would react to it...I respect any opinions you have and would like to share....happy growing :weed:

    celow420 Well-Known Member

    makes sense to me... great point.

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    Credit citation : http://forum.grasscity.com/advanced...47288-diffrent-grow-systems-grow-methods.html
    ACE - Autumn Colour Effect (idk if this is a true method)

    probably the most common advanced growing technique that's not general practice amongst weed growers, would have to be the 'Autumn Colour Effect' or the 'ACE' technique, as I like to call it. This is where the Nitrogen is cut off from a flowering plant in mid to late flowering (depending on phenotype) so that the plant extracts all the remaining Nitrogen from it's leaves and puts it into the bud, this hugely reduces chlorophyll level in the plants leaves and buds by the time the plant is finished [which aids with good tasting, good burning weed] (cannabis, being an annual, does not require Nitrogen for the final leg of flowering, having to take it up, process it and motabilize it, hinders it's ability to put all its strength into the flowering process.To use the Autumn Colour Effect (ACE) to its full potential, you have to really know the pheno you're growing (having grown clones of it multiple times) so you know how long it takes to finish, what it likes/dislikes, what it can or can't handle etc.This is a common technique amongst elite growers (not the elite on this site that pay for that status, the true elite, like those who showed me it - and I was sus at first but they proved its benefits too me with out too much difficulty.Too do the ACE technique properly you have to grow Soiless or Hydro, or any other system where you have control over which nutrients the plants do or don't receive at which time during the grow.


    So yeah i guess this could be a reason to flush, not that i'm all for it./

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    as it was saying there, you have to be able to control whats gonna go back into your plant. For example super soil WON'T flush..... the nutes are concentrated at the bottom of the pot and the plant feeds from it. a hydro system this is perfect... but who really does organic hydro anyways?? :p

    decept1con Member

    I could see how growing hydroponicly or soiless would require a flush....those nutes are composed of a ton of chems...but I'm more specifically looking at it from an organic point of view...I do appreciate your post still....i agree knowing your strain and when it will finish greatly helps you understand the plants cycles and its need in each cycle.... happy growing :weed:

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    yes i do synthetic and use a final phase flushing solution for the 3 days then clean water last day. im pretty sure that i've read though it doesn't matter with organics, cause the nutrients are still being released even when being flushed, everything is on a time release. and yeah since its organic too theres no need to flush you want that organic tasting shizzz. but i hear most importantly you cut your plant right before lights on, because its when the plant is doing its activity in the roots, therefore most of any bad stuff is down there

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    If you're growing in soil, real soil, then flushing should not be done. No serious soil scientist would even bother the debate.

    In the vast horticultural world of farming, even organic farming, no one does any of the stuff that stoners do. It's a phenomenon unique to stoners and companies are pocketing millions of dollars and it makes me sick. Guys want to tweak things and buy flashy stuff. Just look at the marketing for weed supplies and car parts. Unfortunately it's just not needed.

    I have made myself a student of soil and I have come to realize over the years that the soil / microbes / plant largely want to do their own thing and they don't need nearly the fuss / products that are forced on them.

    The problem is that stoners isolate themselves from the scientific community and are fed information from companies selling products (no lack of objectivity there...) or from celebrities like Ed R, The Rev, Subcool, etc. I don't see these guys making presentations at soil science conferences. Their opinion is only valued by some percentage of stoners.

    There is a better and cheaper way, but it resisted by so many that enjoy a pH meter.

    decept1con Member

    Now thats what i'm talking about....someone who is willing to think outside the box...You hit the nail on the head my friend....I can understand doing something because it has a specific reason....but i get the feeling also like you stated...that people are accepting some rules like flushing to be a must because someone told them its a must not because they understand why...If your a new grower just starting out then doing your research is so so important... always cross-reference your information...I could write a post today with very convincing information for why you should give your strain a little diesel fuel to help it achieve the true diesel characteristics to sell some of my product...If it sounds like it has a little truth people will accept it as fact and even spread the word as fact...And then there are people who dont just see something and accept it unless they can see the proof in the research or have tried it for themselves....Thats the type of person i strive to be....Thank you again for your wonderful post Rrog....Happy growing :weed:
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    Uncle Pirate

    Uncle Pirate Active Member

    Those "chems" you're referring to are basic compounds that are found everywhere. N is N, P is P, and so on. You're not feeding plants WD-40. Flushing is needed to correct imbalances in soil when salt buildup is an issue from bottled nutes. Flushing is pointless beyond that, hydro or soil. Buds don't hold nutrients, you don't smoke chems, period. Keep your plants green and healthy till the end, dry and cure properly and you're gold. Smoking nutrients is a huge myth.
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    209 Cali closet grower

    209 Cali closet grower Well-Known Member


    decept1con Member

    I dont doubt the need for water to deal with salt build ups that result in nutrient lock...thats a process for uptake thats critical to the plants growth....I 100% agree with that....thanks for posting...happy growing :weed:
    Uncle Pirate

    Uncle Pirate Active Member

    No, thank YOU for posting.

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