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Why Do You Get Paranoid Smoking Weed?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by overfiend, Jan 22, 2008.


    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    i write this one because quite a few of my buddies all now about 31-32
    have quit toking because of parinoia. the weird thing is it happened to all of us for about a full year or two every time we'd smoke we'd freak out.
    they all quit I smoked through the bull and now its gone unless i take huge bong hits or blunts. but why before i could smoke 1/2 oz daily.

    does this mean 30 is old
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    sounds like someones cutting your weed. theres no way all of you should be getting paranoid smoking weed. id defo grow my own from now on cause from what your saying someone defo been cutting your weed with something. and to smoke 1/2 a day sounds like some dealers got some shit weed and has had to cut it. and your the unlucky people on the receiving end. good luck growing your own.

    smokinjs Well-Known Member

    1/2 oz a day..dude i lot i smoked alot ...holy shit.. but anysways when were all chiefin on the weekends, maybe one out of 10 people get paranoid, we just say shut the fuck up your high. but widowman is right if you are having to smoke a 1/2 o a night to get your buzz on then someone is cutting your shit fo sho. welcome to world of growing!!!!!!

    HippyVibes New Member

    Its 2 do with your nervous system or sommit

    dturnz Active Member

    its simple, when ya smoke you either speed up or mega slow down ya train of thought compared to normal very day chirpy pace. When this happens you have conflicting ideas about your present mood - your just stoned and thats a good thing, enjoy it dont question it, be relaxed and among a good vibe, attept to cut off or level these peaks of mixed emotions if they cut inn or if your mood challenges you and say merrily this is masterful, the luvly home grown stuff.:mrgreen:

    HippyVibes New Member

    Do u ever not have a smoke for a day and the next time u do ya can feel your body tremble sort of or is that me just hahaha its mad
    A W 0 L

    A W 0 L Active Member

    thc is tranfered from your blood stream to your brain occasionally it drips into a certain part of your brain which causes paranoia. if you're always paranoid.. then you should probably try smoking less of an amount than you normally do. if that doesn't help you probably shouldn't smoke. weed should not make you paranoid or nervous.

    donnieosmond Well-Known Member

    It's probably the strain of the weed you smoked if it happened all at the same time for you. Because of the last bad trip you assume that it's your fault you get paranoid and are then paranoid every time after because you've mind fucked yourselves. You need to sit down with a nice mellow strain and relax and try not to think about the past.

    WhatAmIDoing Well-Known Member

    Paranoia is a natural state of the mind, induced by certain elements of one's surroundings. Weed can help, or become a catalyst, but it is never the sole cause. you become paranoid if you're unsure of yourself, your surroundings, or both. or just generally unsure.

    ~totally personal opinion based on experience, no scientifc research involved.
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    Lord PoSeidon

    Lord PoSeidon Member

    Totally wouldn't have believed that a few months ago but today, ahhhhhhhh, I'm a new man thanks to weed!!! It brought out my paranoia for me to focus on and solve in a comfortable surrounding. A few months ago I made all of my surroundings hostile and anxiety-inducing simply by my caustic attitude that I carried around with me. I burned out; and while I didn't erroneously attribute it to weed I was whole-heartedly convinced that weed just REALLY didn't have a good effect on me so I stayed away for a while. But alas, like I said, it was only bringing out the paranoia that I already had that wasn't necessarily hidden from me, au contraire, it was more like the elephant in the room! I was just too burned out to think, I still did weed even though it made my anxious just to fit in - even though I've never EVER been the guy that needs to do things to fit in. My whole mind was fucked, and not from weed.

    Relax and listen to your body. If you cannot tell yourself to relax without getting uptight then you need to go to bed early for 30 days like I did and get rid of everything unneeded in your life because its probably too much.

    loke Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Weed induced paranoia, I believe it has something to do with your subconscious overanalyzing a situation with an unfiltered imagination which Marijuana is known to enhance.

    The trick is to change the subject in your mind right at the first sign of Paranoid thought. Don't allow your weed induced, unbridled imagination to steer you in the direction of unnecessary suspicion.

    juststartin Well-Known Member

    This guy has been a member since Dec 2007 and made his first post! :clap:

    i get paranoid now and again, i find it kind of fun if its just petty little things cos i can tell myself its just because im high.

    Arrid Well-Known Member

    All the talk of the weed being cut with stuff is pure bullshit.

    You abuse a substance and you will receive negative effects!

    In this case, paranoia is the negative effect.

    It's as simple as that.

    loke Well-Known Member

    Really? I thought It's a well known fact that Dealers often employ shady tactics to bulk up their product.

    Isn't it true that often times weed newbies will experience Paranoia too? Without ever givin the chance to abuse Marijuana?

    Arrid Well-Known Member

    Whats to say that first time isn't abuse of the substance? ;)

    Splinter88 Well-Known Member


    Muffy Active Member

    People get paranoid cuz it's illegal.
    ricky ronatello

    ricky ronatello Well-Known Member

    WEED IS A HALLUCINOGEN....NOT AN OPIATE HAHAHAH...btw im not quoting the guy above me....
    ricky ronatello

    ricky ronatello Well-Known Member

    yah...weed may or may not be the factor causing paranoia....it really depends......in some cases you might be paranoid right before lighting up and in other cases, you may not be...once you learn more about your inner self/emotion, you will have a better idea about the anxiety/paranoia that you get...i think we need to legalize fuckig weed :D
    ricky ronatello

    ricky ronatello Well-Known Member



    everything in moderation....i mean...you may or may not get paranoia smoking a half gram every couple hrs...i donno im not a doc...but i think your best bet is moderation and control

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