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Why do men call their girlfriend or wife 'Old Lady?'

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Lacy, Jun 2, 2008.


Why do you call the women you LOVE old lady?

  1. because it is a term of endearment

    12 vote(s)
  2. because everyone else says it and I want to be cool

    9 vote(s)
  3. because she loves it really!

    0 vote(s)
  4. because I don't kow any better

    9 vote(s)
  5. because she is A LOT older than me and I want it to be known

    2 vote(s)
    Stoney McFried

    Stoney McFried Well-Known Member

    I call mine Sugarcock more than I call him the old man.

    Lacy New Member

    because it is cutesy. :)

    Lacy New Member

    Awww...well buttercups is cute. :mrgreen:

    Lacy New Member

    Aww yeash he is a sweetie;)
    I meant your hubby :|

    Lacy New Member

    But does SHE think it is a term of endearment?
    If SHE doesn't...then how can it be so?
    Unless of course you do it jokingly.

    I am talking more about when men are talking with other men.

    "yeah me and my old lady went....." that type of thing :|

    Lacy New Member

    ...............................OMG! :twisted:>>>>>>>>>>>>
    I am not sure whether to laugh or not ...lol[quote=Stoney McFried;908959]I call mine Sugarcock more than I call him the old man.[/quote]

    JohnnyBravo Well-Known Member

    I found this doing a google search

    "Old lady" in this sense is a baby-boomer word. When I was young, "my old lady" did indeed mean one's mother. It came into its present use gradually, as boomers grew old enough to think of their girlfriends as women.

    GenJen54 is close enough in her etymology. The early bikers were a subset of the Beat crowd in the early 50s, and not quite the same as the "outlaw" variety of a decade later, such as the Hell's Angels.

    So the bikers got "my old lady" from the Beats, who also used "mama" as a term of endearment, borrowing it from the blacks whose association beat hipsters were ambitious to cultivate. This is the origin of "motorcycle mama."

    The Hippies and flower-power "youth movement" crowd made it a part of the Counterculture's vernacular-- but I think when feminism went angry in the mid-70s or so, fewer and fewer guys started talking about their "old lady."

    It wasn't so much the "old" part that offended-- feminists decided the gentility of "lady" was an obnoxious relic of the oppressive Old Order-- people who said "lady" in any context were sneered at, punched out and generally read the riot act, same thing that happened when you tried to open a door for a feminist.

    I'm not veering off into satire here, or expressing anti-feminist ideas-- men really did get ripped for showing "gentlemanly" deference, and women were so serious about it that they forwent the privilege of letting the man pay for dinner, the movie, whatever. When they took interest in a man, they did so as women, not ladies-- the latter, as I remember, did a lot of sitting around waiting, and were never the ones who Did the Asking.

    Great times.

    So don't people say "old lady" any more? Or has that been revived, along with makeup and foundation garments?
    Lacy likes this.

    Lacy New Member

    Stoney McFried

    Stoney McFried Well-Known Member

    Yeah you should see him blush when we're out in the store and I yell something like..."Over here, sugarcock!"

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    Don't you get more than one response??? Lmoa VV

    Lacy New Member

    thanks for participating :)

    PoseidonsNet Well-Known Member

    bcos she has been acting bossy and matronly,
    and likes to see herself as superior bcos she gives birth and i just kill the neighbours on her command, and carry garbage like a half-dog-half-donkey.

    it could mean cracks in the romance side of things, honey

    talk it over, don't guess what he means, only he knows what it means to him.

    we could all be wrong

    Lacy New Member

    I think it is just a thing that carried over. It might be a term of endearment in a man's point of view but I doubt the women feel the same. ;)


    PoseidonsNet Well-Known Member

    no he's trying to encourage you to not be old in a negative kind of way.
    tell him to call you 'peaches' if he wants you to feel fresh again

    Chiceh Global Mod, Stoner Chic Staff Member

    Would like us to call you "Our Old Men" lol. "So me and the old man were out shopping the other day". No I don't like the sounds of that either, lol. What's wrong with calling her your girlfriend or wife when referring to her? :mrgreen::peace:

    PoseidonsNet Well-Known Member

    i don't mind being called old man at all, it makes me feel distinguished and wise.
    i tried calling my wife : "hey wife!" but it did'nt go down well.

    she preferred 'peaches'
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2008

    Chiceh Global Mod, Stoner Chic Staff Member

    Well when referring directly to her, pet names are cute. But no woman wants to hear you referring to your wife as "old Lady" escpecially her, lol. :mrgreen::peace:

    dew-b Well-Known Member

    how about the ol battle ax for those that just bitch& complain about everything

    Lacy New Member

    Yes thank chiceh. Exactly.
    The members who voted it is just a term of endearment obviously didn't ask their wives if they thought so. :-?

    Yo old man wouldn't go over too well in this house either but we probably would both laugh:)

    Chiceh Global Mod, Stoner Chic Staff Member

    Ha ha, that would not go over well here, and I don't understand why women always have to bitch and complain either, probably because they are referred to as Old lady or Battle Axe, lol.


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