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Why do leaves stand straight up?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Milovan, Jun 26, 2011.


    Milovan Well-Known Member

    Since the clone was a little one and to this day, all the leaves on one of my Black Domina plants
    are pretty much in a straight up position. I've never seen anything like this!
    Always in this fixed position, looks like they are reaching for the sky in a very vigorous way. Fox Farm soil with no supplemental ferts added. Just pure water. Has anyone experienced this and knows what up?

    southsacboy916 Well-Known Member

    lol thats what their suppose to do...

    hic Well-Known Member

    I know what's up. Sounds like your plant is pleased to be alive.
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    heathaa Well-Known Member

    they are "reaching" for the lights...... are they stretchy at all? maybe ur lights are a little too far away maybe they are right

    timeismoney1 New Member

    I see it as perfect conditions and there happy as can be.

    Mine do it outside around 75 degrees and full sun. Cool with a light breeze.

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    A little stretchy, it is outdoors around 75 degrees with full sun, cool with a light breeze as well.

    When the sun goes down at 8:30pm, I use a supplemental 1000watt tube cooled HPS outdoors about 4' above the plant till
    11pm then lights out until the sun comes back up. 2 1/2 hours of supplemental HPS light only
    at the end of the day. The light is a bit high up but this plant does this full reach
    non stop whether they are under a little supplemental or under the full days sun from 5:30am - 8:30pm.
    With all those sun hours, very nice weather and constant care the plant is in favorable conditions.
    The healthy looking black domina is 2' tall at this time and most all the leaves are not fanned out and up a little but reaching up at a 90
    degree angle. Out of 5 bubbas, 3 black dominas and 1 NYPD all healthy, this one black domina is the only
    plant of the bunch that acts like this at all times. When all the others wilt at total dark, this one plant stays completely 90 degree erect through out all 24 hours of a day. Could it be that the plant is just a young vigorous grower?
    Thanks to all for your input and any more would be interesting and helpful. : )

    southsacboy916 Well-Known Member

    now i dont think ive ever seen a plant stand completely straight up even during dark hours but i imagine it cant be a bad thing. plants are suppose to rest but i personally wouldnt have any complaints if mine were standing at attention 24 hours a day.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    I can't seem to do anything straight. Except every other Thursday. I just get this strange hankering for fish.

    southsacboy916 Well-Known Member

    ooooooookay.... thanks for sharing that.

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I don't think I've ever seen a plant do this either.
    I will have a camera to post a pic in the next day or two. Looks so strange.
    Meanwhile, interesting to see what this plant will turn out like
    at the end of the growing season in So. Cal.

    southsacboy916 Well-Known Member

    well im definately looking forward to see some pics of that bitch, pretty interesting if ya ask me.

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    Will do and thanks again to everyone! : )
    Funny thing though, this young bl. domina is
    growing at the same rate as the others and no more vigorous.
    I kind of consider it a freak if you will. But in a good way?

    DrtyBngWtr Active Member

    your right... better move the sun closer...

    southsacboy916 Well-Known Member

    lmao... ya looks like someone forgot we were in the outdoor growing forum haha...

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