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Why do Green leaves turn YELLOW??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by OhioGrown, Jan 30, 2007.


    OhioGrown Well-Known Member

    i am just wondering why some leaves can go all the way yellow. and sometimes just the tip and edges turn yellow. what causes this yellow color?

    i know that nutes burn will cause yellow spots and edges, but im not using nutes. my clones are turning yellow on a few leaves, just round the edges. im guessing it might be shock from when she was cut from the mother plant.?.?

    Air Well-Known Member

    Heat stress?? whats your temps

    babygro Well-Known Member

    Lack of chlorophyll, probably due to (although it can be produced by other reasons) a lack of nitrogen in the soil, which easily gets washed/leached out by frequent waterings, which is why it needs replacing regularly via nutrient feeding.

    Nitrogen controls the plants ability to produce proteins for new cell protoplasm and is one of the essential nutrients in the production of acids, enzymes, nucleic acids, chlorohphyll and alkaloids. It's also the main nutrient element responsible for leaf and stem growth as well as size and vigor.

    Nitrogen is most active in the younger buds, shoots and leaves in vegetative growth and being a mobile element moves to where it's needed most and that's usually in new leaf growth, which is the reason lower and older leaves start turning yellow when there are limited quanities available.

    There's a whole host of other reasons for why leaf edges may yellow and not all of them are down to Nitrogen deficiency, but that is the most common cause in the vegetative growth stage.

    FallenHero Guest

    Your clones that have not yet produced sufficient roots will use the nutrients from the leafs before it dies, or roots to get more

    this could and probobly is the major reason your seeing it. other than that it does sound like it chould be heat stress

    OhioGrown Well-Known Member

    thanks guys, just what i needed to know

    and yea i was talking about clones that are currently in there " rooting box". they havent even sprouted roots yet. im guessing it was heat stress. but baby grow i think you explained why my plant in soil is a bit yellow, and that helps alot, thanks

    sanojoe Member

    Hey all, Here's a few photo's. One is of some recent clones about 2 weeks old and the others are from some plant about 6 weeks old in my grow room.
    Can anyone tell by the photos what the problems are for each one?

    Thank you,


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    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    absolutely correct sir! clones will start displaying this yellowing as it draws the energy to form roots. this is a good thing. i can't believe this thread has 15,000 views! can that be right???

    BongAndABlence Well-Known Member


    Get a dome to put over your clones and did you start them some where other then right under a light. you should only spray them w a spray bottle looks liike your watering right where the root is trying to dev.

    BongAndABlence Well-Known Member

    Is the air circulating in your grow room looks too wet around your rock wool cube.

    HotpocketR0X Member

    My leaves started turning yellow as well and I am not using nutes at all. I figured it was heat stress so I just started to cool the room down a little. Now thanks to you I know I was right after all.

    GeneralRedEye Member

    If your not using nutes and the lower leaves start to turn yellow, then its a nitrogen difichancy (dislexic). I don't understand why people don't use nutes, even if there organic?? My suggestion for a nut with high N is bat guano from the web cheap and works a treat just make sure you flush the plant 2 week before harvest.

    tomarse Member


    onomado Member


    do you have any pics you can post up? chances are that if your new growth is yellow at the top of the plant it is a N deficiency. Its hard to say though, because almost every type of plant stress will cause yellowing of some kind. Does it start at the tips, or inside of the leaf center, looking like a "tiger stripe" pattern? Pics would GREATLY help anyone on here to assist you in your diagnosis. if it is new growth at the top of the plant, my bet is a nitrogen deficiency. Bat guano or a chem nute higher than 10 in N will help with this.

    jaytakeiteasy New Member

    The tip of my 5day old plant is yellow why? I mean my 120 hps was I guess a 2cm away .. is this y

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