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Why aren't my seeds germinating? what could be the reason.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Wrekstar, Aug 16, 2011.


    Wrekstar Active Member

    Basically i planted one seed ( moc devilmatic ) into soil straight and i watered the soil with ph 6-7 MINERAL BOTTLED WATER it was planted 3 days ago and still nothing
    why could this be?

    should i find the seed and do something?
    the seed looked a creamish / white colour

    kmksrh21 Well-Known Member

    It can take 7-10 days for seed to break soil, especially if you don't germinate before putting it in your medium.

    genuity ambition

    if it was a cream color,then it might not have been a good seed.
    give it another 3-5 days,if nothing,then start over.:peace:

    Wrekstar Active Member

    Thanks you lot, but is their any thing i could do now?
    take the seed out and do something?

    genuity ambition

    no,do not do anything.
    just let it be.

    reverof Active Member

    for future planting, make sure to germinate your seeds first... easiest route I have found and most successful is

    1. fill cup 1/3 with tap water
    2. drop all seeds into cup
    3. place cup & seeds in dark place
    4. after about 12 hours check seeds & stir them up
    5. once all seeds have sank, leave in water for another 6-12 hours
    6. after 6-12 hours, take seeds wrap in damp paper towel, place in tupperware with lid and place back in dark place.
    7. wait for seeds to pop and tap root to be about 1/4" then plant in medium.

    your done.... plant should pop through the soil in a couple days and go from there!

    ford442 Well-Known Member

    you should consider germinating in water before planting - this assures that you know it isn't a dead seed and possibly gives it a better chance than soil and water
    just place the seeds in a small glass of distilled water until you see them crack open and the tap root start to form - then in soil and they will take off within days instead of weeks
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    water your soil a day before planting

    ford442 Well-Known Member

    and water in afterward - can't have air pockets around your sprout..

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Seeds need only two things. Heat and moisture. I use a heat mat for this with good results. A back pad with higher heat worked even better. The soil was 75F and Saran wrap around the pot kept in the moisture. Germed in two days.

    Wrekstar Active Member

    Shit i watered my soil then put my seed it straight away
    soil looked flooded too, as in proper soaked up
    but my previous two seeds i've done the same and its germinated

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Bro its highly unlikely that a little white underdeveloped seed will successfully germinate.Start again with reliable seeds and use methods described earlier in thread.

    Wrekstar Active Member

    why though whats wrong with white ones

    ford442 Well-Known Member

    they are immature.. the ones with a tough shell and dark coloring are the best..

    Wrekstar Active Member

    i heard about pre-splitting them?
    as in causing a crack in the seed
    would this work?
    if so wouldn't it damage the seed?

    ford442 Well-Known Member

    i don't think that is a good idea - either a seed is alive and will sprout or it has died and will not germinate - there is not much room for in between - germinating in water before hand lets you know which ones are still viable seeds - that is why you can sometimes complain to the seed bank and get replacements for those which were clearly dead upon arrival..

    direwolf71 Well-Known Member

    Be patient.

    whynot Well-Known Member

    Did they sprout yet?

    I have germinated a total of 8 seeds (so far), and they have all popped. I put the seeds in tap water in a shot glass. Let them sit about 12 hours and stir the water. If the seed sinks I put it directly into freshly watered soil and keep it in a warm place until they rise. If they don't sink (never had them take more than 12 hours), give them more time. Just the way I do it and it works well. I just did this 2 days ago and the root has already broke the shell, should break ground in a day or 2.

    Wrekstar Active Member

    Nope, i blame the seed bank
    emailed them, still nothing.

    zvuv Active Member

    This is almost surely your problem. When you plant seeds like that, you might could possibly get a germination but you have no reason to expect it.

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