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Why are my buds extremely light and fluffy??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by noobgrower, Dec 28, 2007.


    noobgrower Active Member

    only one of the plants is done....

    so i picked it and and currently drying it out....

    its only day 2 of the drying procedure...

    but why are my buds really light and fluffy??

    i mean like...really fluffy.....they dont seem to be dense at all :(

    it looks amazing...loaded with crystals....but its just like really flakey dry ....i feel likle if i broke it up its just goign to crumble......the buds are extremely loose and light.....

    what did i do wrong?

    squigggs Well-Known Member

    what lights are you using? i hear CFL grows will result in light fluffy buds.

    chronicle Well-Known Member

    you might want to tell us what you're using..how are we supposed to know what went wrong without atleast info on lights/nutes..pics would help too.

    and yes, cfl = light/fluffy/weak weed. if you used cfl's, you have your answer.

    noobgrower Active Member


    im using organic soil....3 gallon pots...

    gave them root stimulating nutes and then blooming nutes for the last 7 weeks...

    1000 watt HPS with reflector box 30 inches above plants...

    also ....i dont know if this is normal....but im in the last week or two of my flowering stage...and all my leaves are turning yellow and falling off.....one plant literally has no leaves anymore....its just one stick with all buds on it....is that normal for the leaves to turn bright yellow and shrivel up and become crispy dry?? what is the cause of that? is the light too intense? most people tell me its nute burn but thats impossible because i dont even give the recommended amount that it says on the bottle...i give it half of the dosage....so i really have no idea whats going on with the discoloration of my leaves :(

    and yes....my buds are extremely light and fluffy.....

    chronicle Well-Known Member

    the yellowing is normal, you can counter it by giving it organic unsulphered molasses - which is also a good idea since youre in the last 2 weeks of flowering.

    its weird that a 1000watt HPS would produce fluffy bud, but 30 inches away is very far! that might partially account for the fluffyness. you can put the light as close as possible as long as your plants arent gonna get burned. use your hand/wrist to determine how hot it is, you want the light as close as possible - 30 inches is like 2.5 feet away! i keep mine 1 foot away, but ppl get away with 6 inches if they have air cooled reflectors and such. using your hand to determine heat, lower the light as much as possible - just dont burn the plants.

    noobgrower Active Member

    i have no idea what kind of light you use....but if i ever put my 1000 watt HPS light 6 inches away form my plants......my house would be on fire.

    i have it exactly 26 inches away.....and its kinda of hot on my hands. The light i have is ridiculously hot...

    courtcourt420 Well-Known Member

    Did you have any problems with nute burn? I have had extremely fluffy weed when plants are burned and stunted. The yellowing is usually nitrogen... especially in 7 weeks.. some ppl choose to keep their leaves green, by supplementing it early on.. others don't care about the yellowing.. ive noticed alot of methods on this site are purely opinion..

    chronicle Well-Known Member

    i have a 1000watt HPS, and im telling you 26 inches away is ridiculously far. buy an air cooled hood and you can keep the plants 6-8 inches away without any problem at all.

    noobgrower Active Member

    my plants were always dark green ....

    as they grew and i started watering and giving them nutes.....i noticed the leaves started to yellow? so i assumed it was nute burn....so i cut back on the nutes....and gave them half the dosage....leaves were still yellowing and becoming extremely dry and crispy....to the point where they would just fall off. i have had people tell me its nute burn.....i have had people tell me its lack of nutes(nitrogen) so i just finished out the crop with a small amount of nutes and alot of water.

    now they are flowering and some plants dont even have leaves on them anymore....just all buds...is this normal?

    chronicle Well-Known Member

    eh, i usually have atleast a few green fanleaves. but since you havent been doing nitrogen supplements, id say its pretty normal. its definately not nute burn, its normal for leaves to yellow up and die. just pick them off once theyre yellow.

    noobgrower Active Member

    i have a hortilux high performance HPS 1000 watts...

    honestly....i cant imagine my plants 6 inches away from this light....i feel like its sooooooo fuckin hot.

    but maybre your right....maybe thats why my buds are loose....

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    To far away is exactly why.
    Sounds like your trying to use a 1000 watt hps in a small area without cooling.
    Your buds are probably baked from your description of "incredibly crispy and light and fluffy"
    You probably have a lot of crystals from the plant desperately trying to moisturize itself.

    I have found that even a 400 watt hps gets to hot in a small space at 24" away from the tops with out cooling.
    I got around this by buying a small cheap fan and blast the fan over the tops of the plants and this stops the heat from building up in one area and blows away hot spots,i can get the hps 12" away easily now without to much worry.

    As far as i know unless you had a 1000 watt unit in a large area and then it wouldn't be very effective,without proper cooling and ventilation 1000watts will ruin your weed from its heat output:blsmoke:

    courtcourt420 Well-Known Member

    Yeah id agree... i was using a 600 watt air cooled light, with ventiliation.. and i even have 13 foot ceilings.. but it did get VERY hot.. up in he 90's.. i had to constantly have CO2 to supplement the heat. so i downgraded to a 400 wat hps again..
    green man

    green man Active Member

    check for spider mites as they will suck all the new energery out of the plants they are very hard to see so get a magnifing glass and check the lower leaves

    kid.Chinxy Member

    just blasted mine wit floraMite:great product:)

    i got 2600w in a 4x8 area and my lights are literally 5 1/2 - 6 inch close, thanks to 6'' air-cool'd tubes wit a high cfm fann. Temp always stays 74
    spookie child

    spookie child Member

    i agree , i have a 1000w in a 6in air cooled big kahuna with a 435 cfm sucking and a bathroom fan blowing . at about 4 inches is where you feel the heat on mine. I keep them about 8 inches though.
    Earths Widdler

    Earths Widdler Member

    Well i was researching this topic to because, I as well, at times will get fluffy buds even with what I think is the perfect environment for them to be in. I ran across this post and it makes so much sense because despite my buds being fluffy they give me a way better high than ive ever gotten with any high qaulity shit ive traded for. Anywho heres what this person said

    " Fluffy flowers will have more Trichomes then a hard compact flower.

    Think about that for a second.

    Hard compact flowers (buds) don't get light to the inside of the bud so the only place the Trichomes will grow large and heavy with THC is where the lights are and that is the outside of the bud only.

    With light fluffy buds you have more surface area that can hold Trichomes. Trichomes don't add much in weight but they are the only thing you are after anyway. You don't want to smoke plant matter you want the THC the THC is inside the Trichomes.

    As your fluffy buds cure they will reduce in size and the sticky buds will kind of glue together and then you will have a great quality bud that will produce a better high then one that is hard and dry."

    I thought it was interesting

    Hotsause Well-Known Member

    Mine are just like that to somebody told me the step after drying is what helps with that. Were you put it in a Paper Bag look up the forum i believe its in Harvesting and Curing thread. I have yet to try it but i have some Purple Urkle drying and i think im going to try it

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