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who's mixing their own salt ferts?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by 1itsme, Nov 5, 2013.


    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    From the pH perfect ingredient lists:

    "Proprietary Blend of pH balancing and pH stabilizing compounds, Proprietary phosphate"

    Proprietary phosphate? Get this, AN invented their own proprietary ... phosphate based pH buffer... ;-)

    Is this basically admitting that their pH perfect technology is just your basic run of the mill phosphate based pH buffer? (something all hydroponic formulas have inherently)

    ...or did they really invent their own type of phosphate ion? That'd be pretty sweet, playing god and all.

    bicit Well-Known Member

    I would just like to point out to everyone that mixing your own nutrients isn't that big of an issue. It's not rocket science, just very basic algerbra at worse. Every brand of pre-made bottled nutrients, by law, has to list what and how much, and in what percentage of each nutrient is in the bottle. By taking those numbers and plugging them into the hydrobuddy program I posted earlier it will spit out an exact recipie for that nutrient lineup. It makes it as simple as baking cookies from scratch. The best part is that you can make years worth of nutrients for about the same price as it would be to buy 1 set of premium nutrients.

    What I like about hydro buddy is that it can simplify a 5-7 bottle nutrient lineup into a simple 3 bottle system. Great for the "set it and forget it" type. Or you could make a stock solution of each base salt and tweak your mixture. It also makes it a lot easier for folks with hard tap water to compinasate for the minerals in their local water supply. Not to mention you can also use the raw salts to fertilize your outdoor gardens or start an edible indoor garden.

    Lots of perks for playing with your own salts.

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