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Whole plant turning yellow and leaves turning brown and crispy (PICS)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by xxSpLaTTeRzxX, Dec 2, 2011.


    xxSpLaTTeRzxX Well-Known Member

    OK, So here's the scoop. I start out with already mixed soil. Let them veg about 6 weeks (NO dead leaves, no problems at all). Then switch them to Flower, the first 2 - 3 weeks of flower they stretch and look nice (Nothing dead or yellow), then "all the sudden" the whole things gets yellow and leaves start turning brown and falling off after 2-3 weeks into flower faze, until it's time to harvest. I have tried not giving them "any" extra nutrients and I have tried giving them the good nutrients (Big Bug etc... from the hydro shop down the RD but I give them it at half the strength) and then I tried using Bud booster which is strong enough stuff and they all act exactly the same. 2 - 3 weeks into flower the whole thing starts to slowly turn a yellow and then the leaves turn brown curl and fall off until only the little leaves in the buds are left. I have checked the PH which is a nice 6.8. I can not figure out what is causing this and its driving me crazy! Any idea's all? Thanks for any help. When it's all done it's good herb, just I don't understand why the leaves are acting the way they are.

    Temp 70 - 87
    PH 6.8
    medium: soil
    Growing indoor
    Watering when the first inch of soil is dry.

    Pics attached.

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    bigbud2012 Active Member

    id water them as normal without anything in the water and see if they kick back to life.ive only just started out with 2 and even they are in 12/12 and the leaves turn yellow then brown and then fall off and this is only in a matter of 6 weeks growth in 12/12 so uve got a serious problem there ....your either adding too much nutrients and its killin it off and what with the details of ya temperature etc seems fine ....

    bigbud2012 Active Member

    Watering when the first inch of soil is dry.??????????????????????? arent u suppose to wait at least a day till it drys out a bit more being as your plants are now humongous they will need to be watered maybe around a day and a bit after its had a good drink from the rest of the water underneath that inch of dry soil....and then ur adding more water/nutrients which is obviously drowning them out

    xxSpLaTTeRzxX Well-Known Member

    Thank you. hmmm, maybe water them more. I will watch and see if they are drying faster then normal. Any other idea's ... anyone?

    maps84 Well-Known Member

    That's a Nitrogen deficiency and there's no going back. It shows this early in flowering when you don't use N during the transition weeks into flowering or the soil is just too poor in N versus the growth, Nevertheless you're using chem nutes rather than growing organically, so NUTES are the ones responsible to provide the food, and as everything seems right, even PH, I'd take a serious look at it.

    xxSpLaTTeRzxX Well-Known Member

    Could it be the exact opposite? Like there's too much Nitrogen in the soil and 2-3 weeks into flower its burning them?

    bigjim6943611 Well-Known Member

    try changing the ph to 6.5 at 6.8 is kinda high in my honest opinion

    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    You say you've tried giving them the "good nutrients" then you name a bunch of garbage nutrients the hydro guy is selling you. The problem here is that you soil is good, for the first weeks of veg they feed off of it great. Then you switch to flower, don't feed them anything but "bud boosters" and they aren't being fed a balanced diet sorta speak.

    Next go around I encourage you to use somethin simple like Fox Farms Trio. Use the good quality soil that you have been. Follow the feeding schedule and you won't have these problems. Stay away from "Big Bud", "Overdrive", "Purple Maxx" and all of the other "bloom boosters" out there. Get a SOLID grow under your belt with good balanced nutrients, then worry about the gimmicky marketing shit they sell out there. At least you'll have something to compare it to.

    Grow Big - Nitrogen/Veg
    Big Bloom - Flowering
    Tiger Bloom - Flowering

    In the 3rd week of flower, add Grow Big (as the feeding schedule suggests) to get the plants the nitrogen that they will need for the rest of the trip. There's cheaper solutions too, by a long shot and just about any good balanced nutrients will work, the shit your hydro shop guy is selling you is overpriced nonsense and is not going to give your plants what they need.

    xxSpLaTTeRzxX Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Looks like I'm not giving them enough N during Flower. I will add a bit and see where it lands me. Thanks and if anyone else has any suggestions I am all ears. I have been troubleshooting this for a couple months now. Thank you Las and Bigjim and mas for the responses. It is definitely cool.

    xxSpLaTTeRzxX Well-Known Member

    The more I think of it the more I think it;s def what you said, a nitrogen deficiency as I use it all through Veg and their great and then I use for just the first week into flower so by the time 2 more weeks go by they are nitrogen deficient. I will add a bit a nitrogen and hope for the best, I think this might be it! Fingers crossed

    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    Good luck, I hope you find a good solid nutrient lineup.

    oldandbold Active Member

    I agree with laserbrn. When I get behind on the N. I can never get them green again. Try giving a little extra Grow Big on wk 5 using the Fox Farm Nutrients and feeding schedule.

    progrow1986 Member

    Big Bud, Overdrive, B-52, synzizym, bud factor X, bud candy are all good additives. If you are not spending the money on proper nutes you are not growing properly. There is a reason why they are expensive, because they are useful

    maps84 Well-Known Member

    yea you can see how useful they are.. Personally I bash AN every time I get, because it's stunning how many people are having trouble with them and reporting everyday on the forum and still keep buying shit from that company, I even tried the sensi line my self and it sucked more than GH!!!. They are more expensive because of advertising not quality and definitely not better than Canna, Vitalink, Dyna Grow or even Botanicare's Line which are cheaper.

    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    I used AN for a long time. They work fine, but so do the others and it doesn't cost nearly as much to get the others. The problem that I have with AN is that they are generally full of shit. They claim 20% larger yields on every product and they get rookie growers to buy into the claims. I've grown hydro, I've used DynaGro, I"ve used AN, I've grown in soil (and am currently growing in soil), I've done ebb & flow, DWC, I've grown in a closet and I've grown in a whole garage. Advanced Nutrients does not grow plants better than the others. If you want bigger buds and bigger plants, use bigger lights and allow more rootspace. As long as you provide the plants with what they need and use as much light as possible and they have as much rootspace as they could possibly enjoy they will get bigger.

    I don't knock AN, you CAN grow just fine with it, it's just going to cost you alot and you'll have to feel like a moron walking out of the store buying all the noob junk.

    skinitti666 Active Member

    DSC00624.jpg DSC00570.jpg bro get you get u some mg organic blood meal for N and some cal/mag because it important in the flowering stage this i didnt know til recently when i starting having or seeing the problem coming and i knew what it was and what to do and got some and got her on track.flush it real good with ph balanced water between 5.3-6.3 no higher than 6.4 wait til the next water and before you water sprinkle the blood meal on top and only water with water cal/mag and your bloom just check out my thread bro my plant went thru some shit and still here going strong and looking good and gl with your girl

    maps84 Well-Known Member

    Good input Laser cannot be more agree. Although I have done everything as well from soil to verticals and for me the worst brand to use was AN, tried following their charts = problems, I trusted the PH tech = problem.. I was so sad as it is so promising as expensive bur at the end it's shit!. If it helps Best nute line I've come across is Botanicare. Really really good for getting great crops without too much hassle or being a mega pro.

    itsallinthewrist Active Member

    leech the soil and start over on your nute program also up the airflow it mite help feed them mollasses to build a beneficial bacteria colony it would speed up the intake of nutrients

    Budrizer Member

    Poor soil, starving roots of oxygen, had that one before. Water when the container gets light. Cal-mag may be needed, what kind of water source? the use of silica makes a harder plant stronger overall. stick to a feeding plan. base + booster + sups. dont use finishers till 6 weeks in. I dont think N is the problem here. good luck
    the fots

    the fots Member

    Iv seen this a few times and looks very close to a thrip infestation.

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