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Who say's you can't clone during flowering? (w/pics)

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by GreenphoeniX, Sep 9, 2008.

    old yeller

    old yeller Active Member

    I've done this successfully for the last 2 grows. It did take a month to root the baby flowers so it's easy to lose some of them to root rot, but they developed lots of side branches & turned into some beautiful micro bushes. Expect some goofy lookin' growth growth at the beginning, but be patient & you'll get some great plants.

    smppro Well-Known Member

    I thought taking clones 2 weeks into flowering was the best time

    cee Active Member

    Thanks bud...I just posted about that because i only have one plant just starting to flower (1 week)so I'm going to clone it ASAP to try it out.:mrgreen:

    BudHunter Well-Known Member

    is this supposed to be advanced cultivation?

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    Yes, that is pretty strange, but stranger things have been known, yeah?
    That's answering my question pretty well, thank you very much!

    My next problem is fitting over a dozen 3 gallon pots under a shop light. :lol: (Don't worry, I know I'll have no success doing that for long.) I am also going to go ahead and try to re-veg some of my plants, I just haven't decided which ones and need to learn more about how to properly harvest so I can re-veg. Harvest for re-vegging would have to be different, right? What I don't know is if you just take the bud stalks, or trim the buds more closely than that then trim.

    I will make note, if you're able to get cuttings of our Mary to root without any hormone, then allow me to inform you that you have a gift many don't. Because I've tried, many times, without hormone, and it hasn't worked yet.

    Thanks everyone who's offered up their experiences, too. And.. ok, sorry, to whomever posted that pic of the flowering clone two weeks after being taken, RIGHT ON! Now, that's some serious root growth.
    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    Seamaiden, hopefully this will help you. It is not a reveg, but it shows how a flowering plant begins regrowing. The very small leaves that were part of the bud begin growing again. You would probably have to leave some of the smaller buds on the plant completely intact in order for them to start regrowing. I've never done a reveg myself but it seems if I had taken the bud off of this clone, it wouldn't have started growing again. Notice how the leaves turn a bright lime green when they begin growing in the second pic.




    GypsyBush Well-Known Member


    Lucky I guess...

    No hormones either... I scraped some of the outer layer on the bottom of the stem and stuck it on a piece of foam over some bubbles...


    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    im fuckin impressed man - they just look so frosty n nice, lol. Wonder how their gonna turn out once they grow out...like, is that top still gonna stay frosty before flowering again, or will it just revert back to veg all together?? im a 1st time grower, and took my first clones off my plants last week. Unfortunately, i dont have a veg chamber seperate from my flowering plants, and i have to have my clones chillin in 12/12 for a couple more weeks until i can pick up a smaller light setup/more compact, but more power too - and i was wondering, even though my clones are still in 12/12, will they still take root n grow?? im using schultz rooting hormone for the clones, its been a little over a week, and still no roots....

    Drogrowno Well-Known Member

    what if i waited just till it showed sex in the flow and then cloned?

    GreenphoeniX Well-Known Member

    They go back to veg altogether. The THC remaining eventually 'dries' off and it becomes degraded to the point where it's useless anyway, but when you flower the clones the bud will be just the same as flowering a clone taken in veg.

    You can do that. I prefer to wait for plants to pre-flower in veg so I know sex before flowering but that can take a long time, which I know many of us growers don't have.

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm going to take a chance to try this again. My Papaya, The Lone Papaya, who is The Lone Papaya because it's the only one that fully germinated and sprouted of 15 seeds, has only given me two clones that are viable. Every other clone has died, including one transplanted Friday that appeared to be doing well.

    I'm also sampling all my girls over the next few days, for two reasons.
    1) I'm dry.
    2) I need to figure out who I want to make a mom.


    jrow Active Member

    Im curious, what happens to the plant you take a clone from? Does it continue to grow no problems? Does it decrease the yield significantly? I have one plant and don't want to screw it up by trying to take a clone from it. Its about 1.3 feet tall and into it's 2nd week of flowering. The strain is KishXBurmese. I am afraid I flowered to early and won't get very much so I want to clone and get some more out of this plant. What does everyone think?

    GREENBUD Active Member

    you can take clones during flowering. I have done it and the baby girls were fine. I only took 2 off because my other clone from vegie died and I needed to save the romulan strain. From the 2 I took made them mothers, gave one away and passed around lots of clones free. The people that grew them out had some very good meds.

    xxnosh0xx Well-Known Member

    What medium are you using rockwool or something ?


    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    It can cut into yield, how much depends on how many cuttings you take and from where. I like to take it from the bottom, m'self, because the buds are usually smaller and less developed, which has made encouraging roots easier. That's for me.
    Had to fix your tags for you. I have used two different methods.

    One was my "can't-get-into-town-ain't-got-no-scratch-ghetto-method", using toilet paper rolls cut in half and filled with soil and placed into a plastic food container to hold them up. That, along with seaweed extract and rooting hormone (Green Light, if I recollect) actually worked.

    Then I did peat pots set in soil in a plastic food container (found a stash of peat pots), and that worked.

    Then I did peat pots in a proper seedling tray that has a dome, and that worked. But in there, probably because it was later in flowering, but also because I took a week's trip to L.A., I lost a lot of clones to bud sites rotting and others dried out. Clearly, my instructions were not explicit enough, not to mention my husband's brown thumb.

    Other people do it in water, setting up something like a mini-hydro system or mini-DWC. Others still use straight perlite. Pick a medium that will hold the water and not promote rot, allows roots to grow, and there's probably someone out there who's done it. Sand, I'm betting, would work great (and I mixed a lot of sand with the soil because I was out of vermiculite).

    One thing I haven't been able to get around is getting cuttings to root without using some sort of rooting agent, hormone, or promoter. I have never been able to get a cutting to take on their own.

    Mattplusness Well-Known Member

    question, since lighting change can stress a plant into being hermie, wouldn't changing the lighting from flower to veg cause them to go hermie? It's practically the same circumstances, just at a more vulnerable stage.
    i'd like to see what happens with the clones you have made

    timmmy2021 Well-Known Member

    2 of my clones rooted in a week and they were both off a flowering plant that was 2 weeks into flowering!!!! ya !!!!!!

    drifter1978 Guest

    you can take a clone from flowering plant it will depend on your enviroment to how long it will take to root,but it will take longer to change back to the vege cycle and may look abit funny for a week or so.done it many a time.:peace:

    diggitydank420 Well-Known Member

    I've done this myself with 100% success rate in my bubbler.

    I think the myth was perpetuated because it just isn't the best way to clone. But I do it anyway. I lollipop my plants, so instead of tossing those nodes, I just drop them in the bubbler. They don't get big, but they still produce.

    Hydrotech364 Gen Mod

    I want invest in one of those awesome cloning units.Im running out of room,thinking of building another house with a hidden room and the lead sheets or whatever the shit is that blocks flir.Materials are cheap right now,ive got two lots that are beggin for a killer hasienda:peace:

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