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Who has the best TRAINWRECK???

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by sonar, Sep 29, 2010.


    sonar Well-Known Member

    Like the title says, I'm wondering who has the best overall Trainwreck strain. I see Greenhouse, Homegrown Fantaseeds, and Royal Dutch Genetics have the "pure" version, which I'm not sure how because from what I understand it is a clone only strain. Looks like TH Seeds, Sagarmatha, Reserva Privada, DNA, Subcool, and a few others have some hybrids too. I had 2 Cole Train beans from Reserva Privada but didn't have much luck. The one never sprouted and the other one got ripped up by animals shortly after transplanting it to my guerrilla grow. The only one of these breeders I'm familiar with is Homegrown Fantaseeds. I just harvested two of their plants that did really well this summer.

    Pics and personal experiences would be awesome. I'll be making it rain with the +rep. Thanks guys.

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    i say homegrown fantaseeds

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    ps have grown purplewreck clone form & gh-trainwreck & the arcata version even though crossed with the erkle is kick ass
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    sonar Well-Known Member

    Have you grown the homegrown fantaseed version too?

    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    no i havent

    cracker84 Active Member

    Check out my sig for GHS trainwreck, it was a popular strain for my me. I have always wanted to grow the A-train from THseeds, I think the Mazar will give it the bulk it needs, because it does have weak/floppy branches in its "pure" form. Thats my 2cents, post what choice you make when you do figure it out.
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    sonar Well-Known Member

    That looks great man. I saw another awesome grow with the GHS version. Guy was doing a hydro SOG with it.

    It's not going to be for awhile, but I was thinking either the Homegrown Fantaseed version or the Sagarmatha Californa Trainwreck. I already had a great experience with HF so I was thinking about going with them again. It doesn't seem like many ppl (on here at least) are growing much from them and I like trying things that everyone else isn't doing, ya know? Forgot to mention I'm only really looking at fem seeds. Who knows, maybe I'll just pick up a single seed or two from a couple different breeders. I think you are right about the "pure" version. A hybrid might be a better choice. Thanks.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

    cracker84 Active Member

    What have you grown from Homegrown fantaseeds?

    sonar Well-Known Member

    I actually ordered the outdoor mix pack, which in retrospect was stupid because now I don't know what the hell I even grew. The one plant was really nice and would like to grow it again. Both plants were nice though, very earthy. Have that old school smell and taste to them. I emailed them with pics and the guy said wild guess is that it would be Armageddon, but couldn't be sure. I think he just wanted to give me an answer of some kind. Really nice people though.

    THESkunkMunkie Well-Known Member

    I read that Trainwreck is a hermie prone strain, I for one will never grow it or any TW crosses either for this reason.
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    You looking for the best strain named Trainwreck or are you looking for the strain with the strongest heavy couch stone?

    sonar Well-Known Member

    Probably should have been clearer. Looking for the best outdoor trainwreck/trainwreck cross. Big yields that preferable finish by Oct 1. I thought Cole Train would be perfect for me, but like I said the 2 seeds I had gave me problems. Don't know if I wanna try it again. Kandy Kush is another trainwreck cross by Reserva Privada. A friend of mine on here is growing it now indoors and thinking maybe looking into that one.

    cracker84 Active Member

    Sonar, FYI i just ordered TH Seeds A-train, gonna give it a try soon.

    TheOrganic Well-Known Member

    IMG_0651.jpg I grew GHS 5 trainwrecks 1 hermied but they were pretty good shit. Buddies said it was the bomb. A true trainwreck strain your not gonna get the best yields though go with a Hybrid. Kandy Kush sounds good.
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    Babybud3232 Member

    Just got me hands on some s1 crazy x seeds trainwreck testers.... Fingers crossed they kick ass!!!
    The Chemist Brothers

    The Chemist Brothers Active Member

    Ive got a Armageddon Clone from Homegrown fantaseeds growing atm, really good genetics from Homegrown fantaseeds. their trainwreck is also good, although not as good growth rates and smaller yields and more sativa-esque growth than the armageddon.

    best trainwreck hybrid ive grown was Qrazytrain from tga subcool. querkle and bloodwreck (arcata trainwreck x trinity). got the a purple pheno clone from favorite plant.
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    I've done a bunch of different wreck strains. Some fantastic, some just ok.

    I HIGHLY recommend http://www.socalseedco.com/ for wreck strains. They've got some phenominal original humboldt/mendo wrecks.

    Three you will not be sorry about.

    Arcata Wreck
    super wreck (e32 x mass super skunk)

    All three are legit as fuck. You won't be sorry.
    Angry Pollock

    Angry Pollock Well-Known Member

    The 'original' TrainWreck' is a bitch to clone and if at least 1 pheno doesn't have flimsy branches, that you can literally tie into a knot, then I would question it's authenticity. Harijuana is a much better plant to have, inho.
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    Kandy Kush might be a trainwreck cross, but it in no way resembles trainwreck.

    checkdareplay Active Member

    billy goats arcata trainwreck x pure thai F2. flowers in about 60-67 days.

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