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White Widow, Purple Widow. PICTURES!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jackinthebox, Apr 29, 2007.


    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    Here are some pictures of my white widow, and Purple widow. Got them as clones in january, purple is about 3 weeks into flowering, purple widow is about 2. Enjoy. Also.. in first picture do you guys think that, that could be a hermie?? Im not sure, I see a ball, on one of the nodes, but it has a hair coming out of it, it was a clone, so I dont know. Thanks for help. Also if you guys have any suggestions, dont be afraid to tell me, first grow, so suggestions will be appreciated : )

    Both plants are in the same " earth box" earthbox was made by a guy in florida, its suppose to be incredibly good for plants. Iv seen people grow unbelieveable tomatoes in these things, so I bought one, I havent used any nutes so far, expect a little woodash. So I like the results, next grow I will actually buy some good soil, and use nutes, this was just to see how the earthbox did solo. Thanks guys

    The ball is almost is down right cenetered. like look at the center of pictures, then go a bid down and right. Its right on the node.


    stem shot, looks a bit rough, did a noob trim job on it a while ago : ) but it made it threw lol

    K now its white widow time!! plus some more purple : )

    T@ll T33

    [email protected] T33 Well-Known Member

    i have fem white widow and hope to get purple widow how was the smoke???????

    grassified Well-Known Member

    yeahh i dont think this guy is around any more, but interesting strain.

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