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White Widow prices?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jfgordon1, Jan 30, 2008.


    chitownsmoking Guest

    800 a q/p for white widow aint bad if its real widow. im not crazy about widow myself
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    It in part might depend on if you are selling the real White Widow, meaning Black Widow, or one of the many, 27 at last count, knockoffs that are sold as being real White Widow. If your clientele doesn’t know the difference in quality from one to another and from the original it wouldn’t matter but if they do they won’t pay top price for a lesser strain sold under the same name.

    superdave5 Active Member

    If you lived in Cali and had your doctors rec. and proper paper work Id sell you a QP for $1100, I got some due in about a month and half. Mine are from seed ordered from nirvana-shop. Great phenos and gettin pretty frosty

    chitownsmoking Guest

    the problem is that anything heavily coverd whith crystall or light colored weed of anykind falsely gets labled has white widow

    superdave5 Active Member

    well mine is not false unless nirvana shipped me the wrong the strain, but I see where your comming from

    chitownsmoking Guest

    im not much for the white family i liked the rhyno best but even its not all that

    greenland Well-Known Member

    You know where I live you pay $300 for 3 1/2 ounce (100 gram)
    $3000 for 2.2 pounds (1000 gram)

    And that's the best weed in the world,..Damn when i read all those prices you pay in the US i'm happy to Live in the Drugs Capitol of the World.

    Greetsings from Holland :weed:

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    chitownsmoking Guest

  9. that is just fucking stupid...why would someone go to the trouble and putting your balls on the line to fucking give shit away....if what you are saying is true then weed is cheaper than crack....you would have to have a huge operation to move that kind of weight and that would net you some federal prison time right there. or your getting that shitty mexican weed where a pound has been compacted down to the size of a hockey puck...i think you are full of it...

    breakneck Calyx LED

    That is an incredible price! The last 1/2L I bought was 2100!

    superdave5 Active Member

    Ya some of these prices are just crazy. I mean lets be real here. Its either some decent out door thats probably not even WW or somebody is just effen stupid and likes to give away money. I mean if that was indoor WW sold for 800 a pound, you wouldnt even make back your investment between electricity and nutes. Something isnt right. Anyways, chitown just out of curiousity what dont you like about the white strains and why. I would like to know since this is the first time Ive grown any of the white strains

    superdave5 Active Member

    Damn you people in Holland hahaha just messin Im just jealous thats all

    greenland Well-Known Member

    he he he sorry man,but yeah for a cannabist is easy living here with the coffeeshops and stuff the police leave you alone and don't mess with you if you wanne get high you get high.

    How's live for a cannabist in the place you live ?
    i know its not the right topic but im just curious..:eyesmoke:

    Nemo7788 Member

    I had this same exact question....would 450 a zone be too much? I don't wanna seem like an asshole but....we NEVER have ww here. I got ppl taking rainchecks already rofl and it won't be ready till December probably.

    uhohgrow Member

    450 is high for some but if its quality, its fair. im in chicago and ive got ww going for 500/oz

    jackdirty New Member

    now that is outragous... i moved back to washington from chicago i was opayn 325-350 a ozout there 500 is outragous, i guess its allin who u know

    jackdirty New Member

    i call bullshit inlessur getting sexi mexi and ur giving it those names haha :spew:

    shinedog Active Member

    Ok, so I'm seeing all kinds of rates for Widow at a retail level. Anywhere between 325 to 400 a zone.

    This guys getting it at roughly 100 an oz. That seems really low which is what everyone is saying. I guess my question is what should the wholesale rate be? If it's sold in bulk should you be able to double or triple your money?

    I guess I'm just curious with all the retail rates what the actual wholesale rates should be closer to?

    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    WW in the U.K £180-£240 an oz and quite rare.

    SpicyAK Member

    Here in the southeast you are goin to pay about $100 for a 1/4oz. But the way i see it is if you can get legit shit at $100 an oz sell it for $200 an oz and move twice as fast. You'd be killing the market and doubling your money. Remember the more you can move the more $$$ you can make!

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