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White Widow - 2 weeks into Flowering ***PICS***

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Drockifella, Feb 23, 2009.


    Drockifella Active Member

    Single White Widow plant. Veg stage for about 2 months, maybe a few extra weeks. Veg stage had 24 hrs light from a 250 watt HPS. Flowering stage is kept at 12 on, 12 off. Light is kept a distance between 1' and 6"-8" (tips of leaves have burned when it hadn't been watered in a few days). I water every 2-3 days. Add nutrients over other watering. I use PreBlend 2000 and Shultz something (i'll get the real full name if some wants me to). I have never checked my PH level... didn't realize how important it was until reading other posts. I keep a small 6" desk fan and air purifier running 24/7 (air purifier really helps the grow area stay fresh and circulates air). My WW plant started from a clone, veg for 2 months and clipped excess fan leaves every few weeks (this allows the light to reach low areas of the plant). I also trained my branches using thin wooden stakes and sandwich bag ties (this really helped pull the branches out away from the main stem and allow better light). When I started the flowering stage, I changed the nutrients to Bio-bloom and stopped with the Pureblend the Shultz something (i did a lot of research through forums and Bio-bloom was the top choice for a larger yield, better color, better smelling and better tasting bud). During the day (light on) I put a portable heater near the grow area to keep it warm and at night (light off) i turn the heater off (I was told that simulates outdoor growing conditions and the cold dark time really stimulates the budding process). A few days ago I cut a lot of fan leaves off of all the higher branches, reasoning was to allow light to reach my lower branches with small buds. I was at my local dispensary today and was taking to a caregiver who was extremely knowledgeable about growing and he told me DO NOT CUT THE FAN LEAVES DURING THE FLOWERING STAGE... the plant absorbs the light through the fan leaves and by cutting them you stunt the plant/bud growth. Then the caregiver told me not to worry that my plant would be fine and that by stunting the plant/buds it only makes the buds denser and less yield.

    I think my plant is coming along real nice tho. I posted pictures taken of my plant about a week ago, this is before I cut the fan leaves off. I will try and post some current pictures tomorrow.

    I also just wanna say that I find this website amazing. I just signed up a few hours ago and have been on here ever since. It's nice to see a community of people so willing to help each other out and lending a guiding hand. Props to us kind friendly stoner people!


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    Drockifella Active Member

    hey guys any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    torontoone Well-Known Member

    Looks good so far ! -

    I think your attack cat is sleeping on the job though...

    Drockifella Active Member

    WW - Flowering - week 3

    Here are some photos I took of my White Widow plant today.

    Anyone have any advice on taking good pictures? I think I should cover up the reflective mylar with like a black sheet, what do you think?


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    1kooguy New Member

    Koo...nice and healthy.

    DownOnWax Well-Known Member

    Looks good man, that plant is about to fill in nicely!

    The cat knows where to be :)
    Dr. Blunt

    Dr. Blunt Active Member


    blzbob Well-Known Member

    It looks like you're doing a fine job of growing. That's a very nice looking Widow but don't cut off the fan leafs your plant needs them, tuck them down under your bud tops or just leave them where they are, your buds will still grow even though they are not in direct light.

    knotanother Active Member

    Looks great

    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    nice looking buds for 3 weeks should be pretty fat when finished

    ScottsBlown99 Well-Known Member

    very nice, very bushy! did you top/fim multiple times or what?

    Cubbz Well-Known Member

    As for taking the pictures, try to snap a few either right before the lights come on or go off so you don't mess with the light cycle. The dark atmosphere combined with the flash on your camera should get some pretty solid shots.

    shefsmoke Well-Known Member

    How big of a space are you growing in???

    Drockifella Active Member

    I didn't cut the head/top bud. All i did was put wood stakes in the pot a tied the side branches to them. I did this to train the side branches to pull out away from the main stem so i could get as much light as possible. Once the side branches grew long enough to where they weren't really being block by the fan leaves of the main stem they started to grow up pretty fast.

    I hop that's what you meant by top/fim.


    Drockifella Active Member

    thanks a lot man. I am going to take photos today for flowering week 4. I'll try taking some shots as you indicated. Check back later and tell me what you think.


    Drockifella Active Member

    I'm growing in a 2'-6" x 3' space. I have just the one White Widow that I'm growing pretty big (right now it's about 3' tall and will probably grow another 6"-1'). I could probably grow between 4-6 plants that grow about 1'-6" to 2' tall max. If u just kept the main stalk you could probably grow 8.

    If you did that many plants in a small space you would need some good air circulation!


    Drockifella Active Member

    White Widow - Flowering - Week 4

    Here are some pictures i took earlier today with the light on. The light goes out in an hour and then I'm gonna take some more.

    Check back in

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    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    looking good and stinky

    Drockifella Active Member

    White Widow - Flowering - Week 4.5

    She is looking good! I can really see the buds starting to come in nice. The buds are going to be big on her when finished.

    My buddy told me it may not be White Widow cause it looks like sativa. first, he says it's a sativa because the fan leafs are thin and narrow. second, White Widow is indica dominant. Anyone have any knowledge/experience on this?

    For my pictures this time I took the plant out of the grow area and away from the reflective mylar. I think the pictures came out much much better. What do you think?


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    B.C Chef

    B.C Chef Active Member

    Hey you have some updated photo's? I was enjoying watching your plant!!!

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