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White urkle scrog led grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journal Discussion' started by clorbag, Feb 3, 2017.


    clorbag Member

    OK here my setup just started in week 1 of flower
    4x4 tent. 260 cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter
    170 cfm intake fan with car intake cone filter
    900w viparspectra led 450w led. A few clip fans and a oscillating tower fan.

    Just fed them nutrients last night. Fox farms trio and used 1/3 amount recommend. To start ppm was at 800 and the pH is at 6.5 lights are 14inch above plants and running 12/12 from 10 at night and turn off at 10am. To keep heat down.
    Temps are 61 night to 81 day humidity hovers around 30_50%

    Plants are in 3 gal pots with Fox farms ocean forest soil. IMG_20170202_224300.jpg download_20170202_015750.jpg IMG_20170202_224315.jpg

    clorbag Member

    Each night I've been adding a bit of dry ice to a glass container and adding water to add some co2 to my tent. It seems to be having a positive impact on the growth.

    ray098 Well-Known Member

    How did they turn out

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